Why do children nowadays not love Spring Festival?Those are disappearing custom, is slowly taking away the flavor of the New Year

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New Year’s Day is less than 7 days away?Is your New Year’s shopping ready?Is the Smell of Chinese New Year around you strong?Chinese New Year, seems to be more and more insipid, once looked forward to Chinese New Year with great joy, now become plain as water.The only thing people look forward to is a seven-day holiday, a trip back to their hometown. Other than that, it seems that the holiday is no different from other holidays.Especially for children, before the baby fast Chinese New Year, breaking fingers to count the day, now the baby, you and he said Chinese New Year, he will only respond to a “oh”.Why do we have so much flavor when we were young, but now the flavor is so weak?One of the most important reasons is that the customs of Chinese New Year in our childhood are slowly disappearing.”Child child you don’t greedy, laba is the year;Laba gruel, straggling along for a few days;23, sugar melon sticky;24. House-sweeping day;Twenty-five, frozen tofu;Twenty-six, stewed pork;27, kill the cock;Twenty-eight, the noodles hair;Twenty-nine, steamed bread;Thirty night stay up all night, the first, the second full street.”Now there are not many families preparing for the New Year in this way!When I was a child, I entered the sprint stage of the Chinese New Year. Today I steamed bread, tomorrow I cleaned up, and boxes of goods for the Chinese New Year were moved home.And now?Family conditions are good, cleaning to find housekeeping, steamed bread steamed stuffed bun are to buy ready-made, do not have to kill the rooster, grinding tofu.As life becomes more and more convenient, we unconsciously begin to lose the spirit of New Year.When I was a child, the main way to buy New Year goods was to go to the big fair.On the fair, there are colorful candies, steaming steamed buns and deep-fried bread sticks, freshly fried melon seeds and peanuts, piles of frozen pears and frozen persimmon, slices of couplets fluttering in the wind, and the character “Fu”.The bustling crowds, the cries, the steaming steam, full of fireworks and the festive spirit of the New Year!We followed behind our parents, while shopping for Spring Festival goods, while asking mom and dad for a snack to eat for yourself.But now, the main way to buy Spring Festival goods is online shopping, even supermarkets we have been too lazy to go.Move your fingers at home, Spring Festival goods delivered to your door.More and more convenient life, let us easily buy goods, but do not feel the fireworks in the world.If you are in a place where there is a shopping fair, be sure to take your children to visit, to experience the taste of life.Writing Spring Festival couplets before cutting window material is not so rich, Spring Festival couplets are to find the best local people to help write.When the Spring Festival comes, parents are busy looking for someone to help write Spring Festival couplets, and the old people in the family begin to cut paper-cuts.But now, Spring Festival couplets, paper-cuts and fu characters, all kinds, the market everything, every time to choose is dazzling.It is more convenient to buy directly, but the lack of preparation and anticipation makes the festival less exciting.There is hardly a family that has not been through the paste!Paste Spring Festival couplets, the first thing to boil paste, do not look down on the paste, a careless boil dilute can not stick, boil over is easy to paste.So the temperature, the concentration of the scale must be mastered.And for our childhood, the conditions of the home is not too good, the amount of paste to master, less is not enough, too much waste.When I was a child, I woke up in the morning and saw my mother in the paste and knew that today I would stick Spring Festival couplets with my father, and my heart was beaming.Now the technology has advanced, all kinds of transparent traceless glue, a direct paste can be, simple and save trouble.Setting off firecrackers is one of the most important customs during the Chinese New Year.New Year’s Eve dinner is about to set off firecrackers, twelve o ‘clock bell sounded, but also the city jubilation, firecrackers incessant ears, the air is blooming flowers, ears are the sound of the old and new.Firecrackers on the first day and early in the morning are very important, whose home sets off the loudest firecrackers means that the New Year will be better.Until February 2, which every important day to set off firecrackers, fireworks.However, in recent years, due to air pollution and other problems, fireworks and firecrackers have been banned in most areas, and setting off firecrackers during the Spring Festival is only a distant memory.Although there are now electronic firecrackers, but the taste is not the same, for today’s children, it is really a pity.With the development of society, the customs of Chinese New Year are also changing. For example, red packets used to be sealed with red envelopes. Now it is ok to ding-dong wechat transfer.In the past two years in particular, some large-scale temple fairs have been cancelled due to the impact of the epidemic.Children can only stay at home, there is no dragon and lion dance, no lanterns, the flavor of the New Year is becoming less and less.Although the customs of The Chinese New Year are changing, but the people and hearts of the Chinese New Year will not change, we have to adapt to the new customs, but also don’t forget those customs full of thick flavor of the Chinese New Year, nothing to tell children about, have the opportunity to take children to experience, let children love our Chinese New Year more, more love our life.