Medical Information | 7 specialties were selected as key clinical specialties/disciplines of Suzhou city in 2021

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Recently, suzhou city health committee released the fourth batch of key medical disciplines in suzhou city, the first batch of key support medical disciplines in suzhou city and 2021 clinical key specialty of the results of the suzhou, suzhou high-tech zone people’s hospital of kidney internal medicine as the fourth batch of suzhou key medical disciplines, pathological science, nursing, dental named the first batch of suzhou key support medical disciplines,The department of pain was evaluated as a municipal key clinical specialty, the department of neurology as a municipal key clinical specialty construction unit, and the department of gynecology was evaluated as a municipal key specialty.The person in charge of the hospital said that the key specialty/discipline is an important cornerstone for the hospital to carry out medical treatment, teaching and scientific research activities, and the construction of key disciplines is an important starting point for strengthening the connotation construction of the hospital, improving the level of medical service capacity, promoting personnel training and discipline team construction.This award is another milestone in the discipline construction of the hospital, marking the steady improvement of the comprehensive strength of the hospital.So far, the hospital has 1 municipal key medical discipline, 3 municipal key supporting medical discipline, 5 municipal key clinical specialty, 1 municipal key clinical specialty construction unit, 12 clinical key/cultivation specialty in high-tech zone, realizing the significant development of the hospital’s “13th Five-Year” discipline construction.In recent years, suzhou High-tech Zone People’s Hospital has firmly adhered to the “Suzhou High-tech Zone Public Medical Institutions High-quality Development Three-year Action Plan 2021-2023”, and made every effort to build a regional high-quality medical highland, gradually forming a good discipline development pattern.In order to vigorously promote the development of discipline construction, the hospital has continuously increased financial input and policy support, and brought discipline construction and development into the overall construction plan of the hospital.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the hospital invested nearly 10 million yuan to build a clinical medical research center covering an area of more than 800 square meters, equipped with full-time scientific research teams and more than 100 sets of various scientific research equipment, providing good scientific research conditions for the scientific research staff of the hospital. The quantity and quality of scientific research projects and achievements are increasing year by year.At the same time, actively with the domestic MingYuan, name, name and so on high level expert group, the excellent youth backbone personnel education training, flexible introducing high level clinical medical expert team and medical personnel, the formation of high-level personnel to stimulate a good situation of comprehensive development, further boost discipline construction level to a new level.During the period of “difference”, the hospital will be around the “difference” development plan, stick to the “endogenous outreach” total tone, to create key specialty/subject as an opportunity to further strengthen the discipline construction and management, and develop a batch of new advantage disciplines with huge potential, play a key specialty/discipline, demonstration and radiation effect, the leading driving the development of floor comprehensive,With better quality and efficient medical services for the people’s life and health escort.(Chen)