Life slow down service to keep up, Longhua enterprise volunteers support supermarket supply

2022-07-11 0 By

Gen/shenzhen commercial daily reporter Kwysonic March 13 afternoon, the epidemic prevention and control of shenzhen headquarters said about informing the city three rounds of total nucleic acid detection, longhua district bureau of ministry (business bureau) in some supermarkets in online orders surge, under-resourced, quick launch support enterprises in the area in the middle of the night to keep supply team, and in a very short period of time,Organized a 20-person volunteer team composed of OCT Property, Jietu AUTO 4S shop, Shuntu Industry and other companies.At 8 o ‘clock on March 14, the volunteer team arrived at the Longhua walmart warehouse on time and turned into checkers, sorters, distributors and porters, effectively guaranteeing the normal supply of living materials for longhua people.More than 10 volunteers from the Longhua branch of OCT Property (Group) Co., Ltd. arrived at Wal-Mart early.Rushing about in the goods yard, they have made important contributions to longhua to ensure the smooth and safe arrival of daily supplies.The seven-day “slow life” is for long-term peace and prosperity. As long as we strengthen our confidence and work as one, we will be able to build a solid social defense line for regular epidemic prevention and control.Review: Tan Lugang, Sun Zhengdong