Structure drawing of arch skeleton mold

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Arch frame mould structure with reference to the arch type cutoff skeleton slope protection details design mode and principle of parameter of mould processing, in accordance with the principle of arch frame mold production mode and customization, its internal dimension parameters is indispensable, such as setting is a integrated WeiDang water along the outside late or install the kerb, skeleton what 3 arch structure,Whether the template needs to add additional accessories, etc., these are the details of the use of arch skeleton template for different regions and slope protection projects, and the relevant data should be collected before the actual production of the mold.Arch skeleton mould structure diagram: according to the middle whole skeleton as an example, the above arch ring, the lower arch ring, the left and right straight lines, the outer water retaining edge as the starting point (the lower arch ring will not have water retaining edge) referring to the previous production of different types of arch skeleton, the above for each set of skeleton template contains specific parts of the system.The structure diagram of the arch skeleton mould is produced in strict accordance with the design drawings of the construction unit. Because each slope protection engineering project involves different geology and slope, whether the arch skeleton needs to be added to the cover mould in the actual pouring process will also be determined according to the size of the slope.And the arch skeleton steel mold is often used with the frame beam mold, the common ground of both is the use of on-site casting mode, but in shape, size is different.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to The knowledge point of Lichang shutter mold