Natural layers protect the safe passage of probiotics through the stomach to promote nutrient absorption

2022-07-12 0 By

Science, April 1 (Liu Yazhu) Probiotics is a kind of beneficial active microorganisms, which can regulate the balance of intestinal flora after entering the human intestine, and even regulate the mucosal and system immune function of the human body, promote the absorption of nutrients, and alleviate the body’s inflammatory response.While the benefits of probiotics entering the gut are great, the body’s powerful digestive system is no small feat.The caustic acid in the stomach not only digests and breaks down food, it also kills bacteria that enter the mouth, and probiotics are no exception.To keep probiotics alive and reaching the gut, scientists have found an experimental new algae-derived coating that can help keep them from dying.Scientists say most of the probiotics are killed within 30 minutes after they enter the body’s gastrointestinal system. They washed Lacticaseibacillus with a solution of fresh salt and then coated it with sugar-sweetened alginate, which creates a protective coating.They made these live probiotics into powder and found that they survived to the small intestine in a simulation of the human digestive system. The scientists believe the new technique has a high degree of versatility and could be applied to other products and diets.