Yang Yang: from the king of thorns to the vanguard of the team

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Beijing youth daily news (reporter Vincent Yang) on April 5, directed by Xu Jizhou, 冯骥, Xu Jizhou wrote, Yang Yang, Li Yitong, luxia jiang starring, meng asay, Jiang Long, Zhou Muyin, starring Liu Shuo, guo Ming yu, sun art, contemporary jasonwoo invited in the military drama “characteristic glory” in Oriental satellite TV.Despite starring two idol-faced heroes and heroines, this is a long-lost hardcore military drama, all friendship and no love.From the perspective of military drama, the drama is also a step up: Yang Yang’s performance is no longer the legend of xu Sanduo’s counter-attack, but the growth and transformation of the powerful individual king after the collision with the iron military rules. Just as the hero’s soliloquy at the beginning says, this is a story from “evil” to “ordinary people”.Yang Yang core return to soldier true quality “special battle glory” mainly told about Yan break yue (Yang Yang is acted the role of) outstanding from a list of soldier quality, however with collective antipathetic “war king”, in harsh environment and arduous task under the hammer, gradually blend in groups, with knowledge officer Ai Qian Xue (Li Yitong is acted the role of),Special battle teammates Guo Xiaoxiao (Jiang Luxia), Xiao Yunjie (Meng Asai) and other side by side to fight and grow up together, and eventually grow into excellent armed police special combat team members of the blood army story.Simultaneous release of the main poster, the drama starring hardcore appearance, fearless and resolute eye play makes people look forward to the drama.Yang Yang played male yan break Yue, graduated from the PLA Academy of Art, starred in a dream of red Mansions, The Founding of the Party, You are my glory and other film and television works.In the play, he returned to the military character, in the drama interpretation of the appearance of tough body shape upright “king of war” Yan Break Yue, in the experience of harsh training and big event baptism gradually into the group, grow up as an excellent armed police soldiers;Li Yitong changed the past sweet style, as the sightly high cold intellectual officer Ai Qianchue, once in the “half evil” “The Legend of the Eagle heroes” “He Frets huating” and other popular film and television plays with good performance of her, the contrast interpretation or will bring surprise to the audience;Jiang Luxia has a good kungfu, in the play as the bright and brave Guo Xiaoxiao, who won the “Best action Actress award” for “Operation Red Sea”, will be a unique interpretation of the tenacity and fearlessness of the female role.1 2