Zhaqi village tap water penetration rate of 80%

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The Water Bureau of Zhalut Banner has always taken the construction of drinking water safety project in rural pastoral areas as a political task and practical matters concerning people’s livelihood. It has taken multiple measures to make people drink clean water and relax their minds and improve people’s happiness.At present, the banner has built 206 centralized water supply projects, tongjing universal gacha village (including natural villages) 74.There are 350 villages in the whole banner. According to the villages, the penetration rate of tap water reaches 80%.According to the rural population, the tap water penetration rate is 75.06%;The penetration rate of tap water in terms of centralized water supply and barrel Wells is 83%.Perfect mechanism, implement work responsibility.Set issued the jarud rural pastoral area drinking water safety project operation management measures for the jarud rural pastoral area drinking water safety engineering maintenance maintenance fund management approach “and” jarud water supply emergency plan, the full implementation of the rural pastoral area drinking water safety management of the “three responsibilities”, improve the operation management system of “three”, implement the QuanQi rural pastoral area drinking water safety project management responsibility,Implement specialized management, commercial water supply, enterprise management, socialized service.Increase investment and carry out upgrading projects.In view of the northern pastoral areas a Ri Kundu Leng town, Bayar Tu Hu Shuo and Ge Ri chaolu sumu people living scattered, unable to implement centralized water supply projects, the bureau actively apply for projects, for 74 gacha village (including natural villages) new drilling 5000 holes, and supporting self-suction pump and pipe network facilities, to solve the problem of water supply security.This year, the bureau anchored the national rural tap water penetration rate to reach 85% by the end of 2022 target, actively implement the 2021 water supply security project construction funds of 31.52 million yuan, to solve lubei Town, Xiangshan town, Jurighe and other 8 Sumu towns (farms), 21 gacha village (sub-farms), 5,800 households 18,000 people drinking water safety problems.We will focus on areas of weakness and serve rural vitalization.In recent years, in view of natural conditions, centralized water supply engineering pipe network is difficult to cover, water quality standards and other problems short board, the bureau invested 36.81 million yuan, repair leak point 147, replace 9000 meters of pipes, installation of centralized water purification equipment 27 sets, 9337 sets of decentralized water purifier, has been put into use,Drinking water safety and quality standards have been reached for 100,000 people.Strengthen monitoring to ensure the safety of drinking water.Three points to build, seven in charge.For the water supply guarantee project in rural pastoral areas, effective normal management and protection is particularly important.The bureau carries out water quality testing twice a year with the Banner CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention, and regularly tests water source Wells and peripheral water of drinking water safety projects, realizing dynamic management of water quality monitoring.Seven standardization construction projects of water source protection areas in rural pastoral areas have been carried out, and regular inspections have been carried out.Up to now, the flag water supply project water supply assurance rate, convenience, water quality and quantity have all reached the standard.Li Yonggui Yang Xiaoliang statement: this article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn