Chen Kaige called him a marvel of commercial cinema, and his films brought tears to the eyes of Shu Qi and Liu Zhenyun

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Young director Yi Xiaoxing’s third work “All the Time”, which was filmed on the variety show “Let’s Go”, finally won praise from all the judges. Chen Sicheng commented that “it is the best work he has seen in so many episodes”.It uses the epidemic as a starting point to tell its story.Lin Fang (Played by CAI Wenjing) is a woman who lives alone. She is pregnant and expects her husband to come back from a business trip. She practices her cooking every day and hopes to prepare a delicious New Year’s Eve dinner for her husband.The film begins with a scary atmosphere. At night, someone sneaks into Lin Fang’s room. She falls asleep while cooking sea cucumber and forgets to turn off the fire, only to wake up and find the fire has been turned off.She would wake up from nightmares at night and call her husband, Jiang Tao, many times.Once she dreamed that Jiang Tao came back, wearing a protective suit, she kept serving him food, but Jiang Tao suddenly fell on the table, she began to shout for help, woke up to find it was a dream.The 20th day, is the day her husband Jiang Tao will come back, CAI Wenjing remembered very clearly, she drew a love symbol for the 20th day in the calendar, strange is, she found the love symbol on the 22nd day.She had to pick up her husband at the airport, but before she left the house, she heard an argument between a male neighbor and Lily.They lied that it was going to rain outside, thinking of preventing Lin Fang from going out to pick up her husband.Lin Fang argued with them, and suddenly a name tag fell out of her bag. She picked it up and saw that it said Lin Fang, 72, a moderately severe Alzheimer’s patient.She opens a post-it note on her calendar, and it’s 2065. She looks in the mirror, and the old face of an old woman appears.The change of scene is very clever, the audience’s heart tightly gripped.It had been 45 years since her husband Jiang Tao went to Wuhan to fight against the epidemic and never came back. When he left, he didn’t even have time to eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve. She also kept her memory of that year, waiting for him to come back and cook a sumptuous dinner for him.Liu Yijun plays the neighbor, is the old lady’s son, best friend Lily, is her granddaughter.She had not spoken to them for five months and did not know them when she fell ill, remembering her son and granddaughter only when she was awake occasionally.In order to take care of her conveniently and not to irritate her, her son rented a house next door and pretended to be her neighbor.The old woman just remembered her son and granddaughter, turned around and forgot again, and was once again immersed in her memory. Vaguely, she saw her husband come back and bring her a bouquet of cherry blossoms.The idea of this film is very clever, the front let a person see creepy, a turn of the camera, but also let the audience tears.The film is also closely related to the current COVID-19 pandemic, making it easy for audiences to relate to it.When the COVID-19 vaccine broke out in Wuhan, countless medical workers did not have time to have a New Year’s Eve dinner and all went back to their posts.They have not flinched in the face of COVID-19. They are fighting with their sweat and lives.There are also medical workers like Jiang Tao, who did not come back after leaving.This film also reminds me of another anti-epidemic film “Chinese Doctor”, but the narrative Angle is different. If this short film is turned into a full-length film, it will also achieve good box office.CAI wenjing’s performance is also very good. Although all the scenes are presented in a room, it is not boring for the audience to see. She shows incisively and vividly the anxiety and uneasiness of a solitary woman who is expecting her husband to return.Liu Yijun is worthy of being old play bone, when he just appears, I always think he is a bad man, especially when Lin Fang prepares to go out to buy food, he stood up suddenly lens, how to look is like the wretched uncle of a peep beautiful solitary female.When the audience know that he is Lin Fang’s son, he is so filial, tender, eyes full of concern for the old mother.When the short film ended, my eyes were moist, and Shu Qi was crying into tears, and even the great writer Liu Zhenyun was in tears.This shows that Yi Xiaoxing has captured the film in the hearts of the audience.Yi xiaoxing’s first two films, “Who’s Got My Takeout?” and “Make An Idol,” basically followed his usual path of hyperbolic comedy.Both films were not well received by critics, but did well at the box office.Since liu invested in all three works, he made a lot of money.The third work “All the Time”, he abandoned the past comedy line, thriller and warmth, unexpectedly gave the audience an unexpected surprise.This also shows from a side yi Xiaoxing not only can shoot comedy, also can shoot other types of films.I hope he can shoot a popular and popular cinema movie as soon as possible through participating in this program.Pictures from the Internet.