Haikou vegetable basket Group and Kunming agricultural enterprises reached cooperation

2022-07-13 0 By

Haikou, February 18 (Reporter Guo Cui) In the afternoon of February 18, Kunming Shengshi Chenong Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and Haikou Vegetable Basket Industry Group reached a cooperation, will cooperate to establish vegetable base planting direct supply mechanism,To carry out complementary cooperation in the circulation of agricultural products between the two places and guarantee the supply of yuncai base, establish a pattern of two-way and complementary circulation of agricultural products between Yunnan province and Hainan Province, and truly ensure the stable price, supply and development of “Yuncai entering Qiong”.Since October 2021, when both parties started the direct supply business of cloud vegetable base, Kunming Shengshi Chenong Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. has provided haikou Vegetable Basket Industry Group with more than 70 varieties of vegetables, totaling about 7 million jin.This “Yuncai into Qiong-Yunnan” is a new attempt of qiong-Yunnan cooperation, and also an innovative cooperation between state-owned enterprises of the two places to shoulder social responsibilities.ShengShiChen farming company as the development of yunnan province in kunming for more than 30 years of state-owned agricultural leading enterprises, haikou basket industry group as the main force of the “vegetable basket” protect for stabilizing price of hainan province, will uphold the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, together to do a good job of insurance for the people, and through the establishment of direct selling archives mouths cooperation channels, resource sharing,Give full play to the advantages of both industries and products, and form a complementary and mutual cooperation business model.In the next step, both sides will deepen practical cooperation, explore order agriculture and establish a long-term and stable order guarantee mechanism on the basis of establishing the cooperation between yuncai direct marketing outlets.The two sides share resources, channels, through two-way trade to achieve mutual access to agricultural products, mutual benefit and promote the economic development of the two places.In addition, to explore fall beyond the established vegetable supply base, promote solving the problem of structural and seasonal vegetables production supply of hainan province, haikou city vegetable basket group will establish deep cooperation relationship with provincial leading enterprises in the basket, fruit and vegetable, meat, eggs, rice noodle grain and oil, food and other agricultural commodities wholesale trade, construction outside the island two-way trade circulation system,We will reduce costs and stabilize vegetable prices in Hainan province through large-scale procurement and distribution.