Xiangxi these villages to the United States awards

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“On February 17, the website of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hunan Province released the list of winners of the honorary title of 2021 Provincial Model Villages for Beautiful Villages and Characteristic High-quality Villages, and a total of 25 villages in xiangxi were selected.”Beautiful countryside demonstration village of hunan province Suggestions for 2021 (18) jishou aizhai town, ram village yongshun furong town riverside community hemp rushed in fenghuang county township ZhuShan Village baojing bowl of rice slope manifold in fenghuang county home town of sha wan village bridge town village baojing hoist the town the tea village, longshan county town of red rock creek village LuXi maoba yongshun county town of Wu Xi clay creek village township takatsubo takatsubo village jishou double dragon pond street daxing villageDalan Town, Dalanping Community, Guzhang County, Merong Town, Wengcao Village, Huayuan County, Malichang Town, Xinke Village, Guzhang County, Merong Town, Zhongzhai Village, Luxi County, Xixi Town, Sanitang Village, Yongshun County, Wanping Town, Ping Village, Huayuan County, Shuanglong Town, Zhi ‘er Village, Huayuan County, Malichang Town, Xinke Village.Shibadong Village, Shuanglong Town, Fenghuang County, Liao Jiaqiao Town, Changputang Village, Guzhang County, Morong Town, Longbizui Village, Yongshun County, Gaoping Township, Changping Village, Luxi County, Pushi Town, Wuguoliu Village, Jishou City, Aizhai Town, Pinglang Village, Baojing County, Bi Er Town, Bi er Village, Huayuan County, Shuanglong Town, Shibadong Village.(Photo by Zhou Decheng) The beautiful village is all around us. Please give a thumbs-up to your hometown.