A look at the NBA’s collective atmosphere: Who gets to control the franchise?

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Harden left the Nets to join the 76ers, making his jingdezhen combo with Embiid a reality.From all sources, Harden’s departure from the team is the same as his departure from the Rockets two years ago. It is his own initiative to leave, but also a passive strike to threaten the team, such behavior is surprising.The surprising thing is that the power of the big names in today’s NBA is so great that a star of Harden’s caliber can use whatever means he can to bully his home team if he’s determined to leave, and then go all out to win a championship. That’s a bad sign for the league.▼ harden departure means harden had to leave the rockets, is ailing, even shelved training, do not hesitate to let your weight, also to threat the rockets to trade their nets, and Kevin durant, Owen is composed of three giants to title, finally he got a chance, but the increase of body weight to subsequent injury planted hidden danger.Unexpectedly, the Nets’ seemingly strong lineup has become vulnerable due to various accidents. A losing streak has harden determined to use the threat again and let the Nets send him to the 76ers.According to us media reports, Harden didn’t have any injuries at all, and while he was absent from the Nets on the eve of the trade, he spent a lot of time in Brooklyn, which was not only self-indulgent, but also a strong signal to the Nets’ front office not to play well if it didn’t comply with his demands.Finally, the Nets made a deal with the 76ers at the trade deadline, and the trio of Durant, Harden, and Irving went from highly anticipated to disassembled in 16 games over two years in a surprisingly short span of time.Harden’s behavior is very unprofessional, but he is not alone. On the contrary, the franchise of NBA stars in recent years is spreading with an unstoppable trend. The management of each team is held by the big stars, and the atmosphere of stars negotiating privately and keeping warm with each other has filled the league.The management regulations for the NBA, highly professional into the logo of alliance, the stars become more and more uncontrollable, star on the Internet, sponsors, media under the blessing of the forces of the three parties, with the autonomy of break the alliance balance and also say it as long as the stars determined to attempt, under contract to disarm.Three iconic stars: How did the NBA become the current environment?Three iconic stars are key, namely James, Durant and Kawhi Leonard.All three stars have left their home teams, more than once, with the intention of going to teams with better title prospects than their home teams.In three people every time to leave, that had led to the outside world to question even, but when they are new to join the team after the championship, these questions become a piece of praise, praise and these also contributed to their next determination to leave, because they know that as long as the championship again, what kind of dispute will be.Today, James has been ranked no. 2 in NBA history by the American media, Durant in the top 15 of all time, Leonard in the top 30 of all time, and the praise for their ability is even more exaggerated.James has been compared to Jordan, and even said to be more versatile than Jordan.Durant’s midrange attack has been compared to Jordan’s, and some even say durant’s shot is more powerful than Jordan’s;Leonard plays midrange and has been praised for his resemblance to Jordan’s back.▼ harden’s behavior will be more and more from the character can see out, a star is unity, the squad is strong, it doesn’t matter, as long as take the championship, all sorts of praise will keep to the media, dare to take the star to and once one person one city, or star to than mononuclear, dinuclear, completely regardless of the difficulty of both sides win.Putting that logic into perspective, it’s easy to understand why Harden would do anything to threaten his mother team, because he’s already seen the league as a whole, and winning a championship as a team is worth as much in the media as winning a championship alone.So harden can go to the Nets when the Rockets are out of luck, and this time when the Nets are out of luck, he can go to embiid when he’s on fire, and once the 76ers win a title this season, harden’s reputation will be overwhelmingly positive.Add harden’s previous 3 scoring titles, 1 MVP, and 6 consecutive wins to the championship, put them in a competition with Allen Iverson and Dwyane Wade, and create the topic of who is the third point back in NBA history, and harden’s status will suddenly rise.As a result, harden’s behavior is bound to increase as the NBA, media and sponsors work together to create the league’s crowded environment of unprecedented franchise and smart stars understand how to exploit it to their best advantage.