Chinese and foreign journalists feel the new atmosphere of “Double Olympic City” IN Beijing

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Xin ‘an Evening News Anhui network big Anhui news trend, fashion, fun……Taigu Li sanlitun has always been the impression given to people, it is also known as the landmark of Beijing fashion trend “first store harvester”.People on the morning of February 6, sponsored by the Beijing news centre, 2022 “double the city new atmosphere – 2022” Chinese and foreign media Beijing city image feature interviews to consumption of Beijing district, chaoyang district, 45 journalists from 25 media both at home and abroad into the 2021 as “one of the sun is the most beautiful business circle” of sanlitun in the Pacific,Beijing will be a “trend vane” to show the world the construction of “Beijing flavor” as an international consumer center city.In 2008, when the Beijing Olympic Games attracted the attention of the world, Taikoo Li Sanlitun was officially put into operation, becoming the first commercial complex completed in China.Different from traditional shopping malls, Taikoo Li Sanlitun is open and low-density, with a total floor area of nearly 150,000 square meters. The project is composed of south district, north district and west district, with lateral positioning of each district to enrich the sense of layers in the business district.Sanlitun Taigu Li South District, inspired by the “alleyways in hutongs” of old Beijing and incorporating fashion elements, highlights popular fashion trends and is a gathering place for well-known brands.Sanlitun is not only the most international and trendy fashion district in Beijing, but also “hides” a unique booklike district, constantly exploring cultural extension.On the same day, reporters came to Beijing sanlian Taofen bookstore chaoyang branch and chaoyang city library · spring breeze study hall, explore hidden in Beijing trend youth gathering cultural position.Since 2014, Beijing Sanlian Taofen Bookstore has achieved “24-hour operation”, which has won the reputation of readers and triggered strong repercussions in the society. It has not only become a cultural phenomenon, but also a new scenic spot of Beijing’s cultural life, which is a vivid practice of “nationwide reading”.Reporters walk into the nearly 700-square-meter space and feel the small details that serve readers everywhere.The design of the store comes from The northern Song Dynasty fan Kuan’s “Xi Shan Travel Map”, through the high and low scattered path to let readers taste the cultural essence of thousands of delicious;There is a coffee rest area with more than 50 seats in the store, making readers feel that the bookstore is not only a place to sell books, but also a cultural life space of the city and community, which fully ensures the needs of readers to read, meet friends and have a rest.And came to chaoyang city library · Spring Breeze study hall, the reporter was attracted by a wide range of books and magazines.The magazines and books in the library are carefully selected by the spring breeze and purchased by chaoyang District Library and provided to readers for free. The selection of books is different from the conventional reading space.Special setting global magazine, independent publications, imported original art books (imported books include world master of art collection, architectural design, the museum collection is introduced, photography, etc.), it is hoped that the way with product differentiation features selected to attract more people to return to read, so more people are willing to enter the bookstore library reading the paper, to feel different from e-books touch,Can get fresh inspiration and nutrition here.At present, there are about 2000 books in the library.In addition to providing the public reading space, as the rich surrounding residents and readers in different levels of cultural life, two bookstores also actively and publishing institutions, cultural units united planning, organize meeting to share the book, signings shallum, lectures, exhibitions and other kinds of cultural activities, for the reader to create a comprehensive cultural space, comfortable.Xin ‘an Evening News Anhui network Anhui reporter Li Yanran Xu Haiyan Reporting from Beijing editor: Song Lei