Only in China!Qingdao Xihai Art Museum joins the list of “2022 Global Art Museum Destinations”

2022-07-14 0 By

Larry’s List, the world’s leading art market database, has selected The Xihai Art Museum in Qingdao as the only art museum in China to be included in its List of 14 recommended travel destinations for 2022, according to the Xihai Art Museum.In this list, Qingdao, along with New York and Los Angeles in the United States, Arles in France, Naoshima in Japan and other world-famous art cities, has become a travel destination for art and travel lovers around the world, making Qingdao a city whose image can be highlighted on a broader international platform.Xihai Art Museum is a non-profit art institution located in Xihai Art Bay, an international comprehensive art community in The West Coast New District of Qingdao.Art museum designed by French architect jean jean nouvel, by the contemporary architectural space international art resources, is committed to through the medium of cross-cultural, cross the art of creative expression, for the public to present high quality of traditional and contemporary exhibition, to fashion and design, music and performing activities such as extension of public art interaction with the new cognitive,It provides multiple artistic appreciation and interactive possibilities for city residents and tourists, constantly enriching the city’s cultural tourism resources, and making the city more unique and dynamic.Larry’s List is the world’s leading art market database, providing data, research reports and information on contemporary art collectors.The Larry’s List, based on research, includes data from more than 3,800 collectors in more than 70 countries.Over the past few years, Larry’s List has amassed more than 120,000 followers on social media, and its official media account has become one of the most popular art platforms in the world, providing a wealth of information to collectors, art lovers and creatives around the world.Xihai Art Museum said that in view of the current situation of the epidemic, the museum will do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic risk, and ensure the health and safety of visitors.The Seohae Museum is still temporarily closed.In the near future, I hope it can attract more tourists to Qingdao and let more people know about this beautiful coastal city. The museum will also help the city develop with contemporary art, so that people can see the blend of nature and art, experience the beauty of architecture and art, and rethink the city and life.