There’s only one dynasty in the NBA, and it’s the David Stern dynasty

2022-07-14 0 By

Today’s NBA chaos, all kinds of dregs are emerging in an endless stream, especially the growing team style, and even some players don’t even face in order to win the championship, also don’t know when to start, the NBA championship in every player’s heart will have such an important role.The reason why the NBA is so chaotic is that Xiao Hua’s misbehavior always wants to create a dynasty in his hands, but he does not know that the NBA only has a dynasty.If a team can do won three successive championships was considered to be the opening of a dynasty, although the achievement is really difficult, but at the beginning in the previous NBA commissioner David stern hand appeared many times, so you can think only a dynasty in the NBA, it is founded by David stern dynasty, also brought the NBA to an unprecedented height,Laid the foundation for today’s golden age.Stern’s tenure was punctuated by incidents and even lockouts, but in the end stern handled them well, especially when it came to building stars, which Is a lot better than What Silver is doing today.Stern knows what the league needs and is decisive in choosing stars. He can promote you one minute, but he can also make you disappear from the NBA the next, which he rarely does.Never short of tartar stern era, but the thorn in both on or off the pitch have something out, it will be very severe punishment, Anthony is a very good example, actually had the pitch to hit people, then bury is his mandate, to know at that time, the league of carmelo Anthony and lebron James are favored,But Anthony plays with a fan base, and the league was supposed to promote him until his temper changed his fate.Stern had directly warned Anthony who was here to figure out, young Anthony had to accept this reality, after all, out of the slums of Melo, the desire for money is unknown to others.If Stern were here, kyrie and Simmons would have settled the matter long ago, and both would either be back in the game or out of the NBA, and the outcome would have been pretty good.In addition to the players that, stern and I wouldn’t push ball era that let the big guys lose its due position, although the small ball is a kind of trend, but now play a lack of competitiveness, and a lot of good big man now can only be a blue-collar, three points on the perimeter and don’t have much technical content, but the back technology, inside the melee can only become a classic.NBA has only one dynasty, it is David – Stern started, he opened the door of NBA, to the world, but the door was almost closed by Xiao Hua, it shows how big the gap between the two people.