A total of 17 positive cases have been screened in Changzhou. Online teaching activities will be carried out comprehensively

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At 5 PM on March 13, Changzhou held a COVID-19 prevention and control conference. Journalists attending the conference learned that as of 13 PM on March 13, changzhou had a total of 17 preliminary screening positive cases, including 16 cases in Zhonglou District (including 3 previously announced cases), all of which were construction workers.One case was reported in New North District, including a person from other provinces and cities.A total of 17 preliminary screening positive cases were found in Changzhou, 16 of which were construction site personnel. At 19:33 on March 12, one person was found to be nucleic acid positive in the screening of key population returning from other provinces and cities.At 1:00 am on The 13th, three cases were found to be positive in nucleic acid tests during the active screening of cases in changzhou.Nucleic acid testing was immediately carried out in key areas and populations.As of 13 o ‘clock today, the cumulative preliminary screening positive 17 cases in Changzhou, including 16 cases in Zhonglou District (including the previously announced 3 cases), all site personnel;One case was reported in New North District, including a person from other provinces and cities.Among them, there are three confirmed cases and one asymptomatic case, including two males and two females.After consultation by changzhou municipal expert group, one person was diagnosed as ordinary COVID-19, two as mild COVID-19, and one as asymptomatic COVID-19.At present, all the 4 cases are being treated in isolation in designated hospitals, receiving antiviral, immunomodulatory and traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and their condition is stable.As of 13:00 on March 13, 6,459 rooms in 38 hotels in Changzhou fully meet quarantine conditions, have received 712 quarantined people, 950 people in transit, a total of 1,662 people, 800 people to be transferred.A total of 4,320 rooms in 27 quarantined hotels were put into use Wednesday night.After the outbreak of the epidemic, changzhou has carried out environmental sampling testing and terminal disinfection at the residences, workplaces and key areas where the cases have been stopped.Cancel or suspend all kinds of public gatherings.A total of 586,999 samples have been collected and 11 “yellow code” designated hospitals have been identified. After the outbreak, Changzhou immediately started tracing the source of the epidemic.Organize flow adjustment experts to carry out meticulous and comprehensive flow adjustment to key areas and key personnel overnight, and conduct investigation on all contacts and sub-contacts one by one.At 3 a.m., the first batch of 245 workers were quarantined and all the existing workers at the site were quarantined.As of 13:00 Sunday, a total of 368 people had been classified as secret contacts, 226 people had been classified as sub-secret contacts, and 585,992 key people had been screened.The city organized nucleic acid testing overnight, and conducted nucleic acid screening for key populations in close contact, sub-close contact and related areas in an orderly and rapid way while tracing the source of the flow. As of 13:00 On December 13, 586,999 samples had been collected, and the results were being sent out.In addition, Changzhou city quickly put into use the “yellow code” hospital.People at risk in controlled and closed areas and other areas should be separated from the general public for medical treatment to prevent cross-infection.At present, a total of 11 “yellow code” designated hospitals have been identified, covering all municipalities, including designated hospitals for children, pregnant women and hemodialysis.Among them, the first batch of “yellow code” designated hospitals (People’s Hospital of Wujin National High-tech Zone, Beigang Street Community Health Service Center of Zhonglou District) have been put into operation today, and Changzhou Children’s Hospital has been designated as the “yellow code” designated children’s hospital in the city.We will comprehensively step up procurement, stockpiling and dispatching of medical supplies, anti-epidemic supplies, and daily necessities to ensure basic living standards for citizens.At the same time, medical backbone and hospital sense experts were dispatched to the first hospital of Changzhou and the City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to carry out the “Yellow code” designated hospital sense control training for all staff.Thirteen Internet hospitals in the city are in normal operation, providing online follow-up and diagnosis and consultation services for patients with chronic diseases.From often personnel must carry within 48 hours of online teaching activities for nucleic acid detection and how to carry out comprehensive quickly cut off the chain of transmission, at four in the morning on the 13th, for 9 notice, changzhou to publish to the society comprehensively strengthen school, community, enterprise, transport, scenic areas and medical institutions, public places and other measures of social control and centralization control sealing, control area, prevent the range.Checkpoints will be set up at highways, railways, airports and other traffic channels starting from 8 am Monday, and departures will be allowed only with negative nucleic acid tests within 48 hours and a green health code.Fourteen highway crossings within the territory were temporarily closed, and inter-provincial and inter-city passenger buses, chartered buses and inter-provincial and inter-city adjacent buses were suspended.In order to protect the health and safety of teachers and students, Changzhou city decided to suspend offline teaching in primary and secondary schools, vocational schools and technical schools from March 13, kindergartens (kindergartens and kindergartens) to stop children entering kindergartens, colleges and universities to implement closed management, all kinds of off-campus education and training institutions to suspend offline training activities.After the school was closed, online education activities began on Monday.At the same time, students are not required to “punch in” online every day, “punch in” homework, upload learning videos and so on.The school will further strengthen communication and cooperation with parents by holding online flag-raising ceremony, themed class meetings, moral education and other forms to strengthen students’ mental health education, life education and safety education.At the same time, the school edition and home edition of students home study and life guidance, comprehensive strengthening of home study and life guidance, to help students develop regular work and rest, work and rest, active work, active exercise good habits.Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Zhang Bin proofread Su Yun