Bocog responds!

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Zhao Weidong, spokesperson of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games (BOCOG), answered the media’s question about “one trick is hard to get” at a regular press conference today.I think this question reflects the heat of the Beijing Winter Olympics from one side, and also reflects the achievements of our 300 million people on the ice and snow.We attach great importance to this problem, because of the Spring Festival holiday, some factory workers went home for vacation.So in the face of this sudden burst of heat, we are coordinating this.We are also coordinating with relevant parties to increase the supply of Bingdandan.In addition, I also want to remind the media friends, in the report, in addition to paying attention to the ice Dun Dun, but also pay attention to the snow Rong Rong oh.Ice mound mound and snow taking the data graph search | related reports A block is hard to find!These two days ice dun dun thoroughly fire, become the top flow of the winter Olympics worthy of the name.Whether online or offline, strength deduce “a pier hard to find”!Ice dun dun thoroughly fire!Bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, has not only been sold online, but also lined up in offline stores for hundreds of meters, and has never been listed on the hot search list.Offline stores are hard to find, and the same is true online.More than a million netizens flooded the official Tmall Olympic flagship store on launch day, only to see a “stock out” alert upon entering the store.In addition, Bing Dwen Dwen ornaments and ornaments have been sold out and removed from the shelves. In fact, not only Bing Dwen Dwen, but also the plush toys, commemorative badges, handcrafts, hangers and other winter Olympics accessories have become so popular that some of them are no longer available.Netizens refresh: want a ice mound mound has even been suggested: hope to implement as soon as possible a trick, a home to be a designer in harmony “ice mound mound” Cao Xue response: unexpectedly, my son didn’t buy the “ice mound mound” only “panda” ice and snow coming from south China huacheng, designers are from guangzhou academy of fine arts institute of visual art design Cao Xue 14 people, led by team.This team, based in southern China, has extraordinary imagination and creativity for ice and snow sports and ice and snow, which makes the seeds of Lingnan culture blossom.Cao Xuecao, head of the design team, said he was surprised by the popularity of bing Dwen Dwen.Bingdwen Dwen was so sold out that his son couldn’t get one.”Bing Dwen Dwen is black and white and has an ice crystal shell. It should be cold, but on the contrary, it feels warm, cute and adorable,” Cao said.Once the warmth is felt, the warm memories will remain, even though bingdwen Dwen will become history after the Winter Olympics close.”I hope it will become a classic, at least in Olympic history, it will be memorable.”Cao said he was not worried about Bing Dwen Dwen going out of style.Franchised flagship store reminds consumers: Don’t worry!Don’t stock up!Spend wisely!On February 4, the daily sales of the flagship store for the Winter Olympics hit a new high, reaching nearly 3 million yuan.① Since February 5th, in order to protect the purchase rights and interests of more consumers, some popular products in the store such as plush mascot toys, hand-made products have begun to implement the purchase restriction policy, we are trying our best to actively coordinate stock, please understand.② Because there are too many people queuing outside the store, the flow restriction measures are taken to enter the store. Every 100 people enter the store within about 1 hour. Please refer to it as appropriate.③ Please wear a mask during queuing, keep a safe distance, and follow the instructions of the security staff at the door when entering the store. Do not crowd.④ Do not buy licensed goods from scalpers at a high price, do not believe the price hype, rational consumption, let us work together to create a good winter Olympics shopping atmosphere.Sources: CCTV News, CCTV Finance, Southern Metropolis Daily, China News Network, etc. Editor: Zhang Yanhong, proofread: Li Lei, supervisor: Luo Zhiming