The Ministry of Human Resources and Armed Forces of Fushun County, Sichuan province visited the families of soldiers carrying out security tasks for the Winter Olympics

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“Thanks to the organization, with your support and concern, we will get through this.”Recently, in Sichuan Province Fushun county people’s Armed forces department organized a condolence activities, armed police Beijing corps of a department of the family of a sergeant Yan to the consolation group staff repeatedly expressed gratitude.It is understood that the Fushun County People’s Armed Forces Department received a letter of invitation from a department of the Beijing Armed Police Corps in early February, and immediately verified the relevant situation.After learning that the father of sergeant Yan, a fushun citizen, died of illness on the evening of February 6, but the comrade was in charge of the security task of the Beijing Winter Olympics and could not return home to deal with the aftermath of the actual situation, the head of the department communicated with his family members and related units for many times to negotiate sympathy matters.On the same day, a group of people came to the home of a banquet, and his family members talk cordially, in the expression of sympathy at the same time, told them to take care of their health, and sent to their families.Yeon s family said, The timely care and care has warmed the hearts of our military families and calmed the hearts of our children.I will continue to support my son to serve in the military and make greater contributions to the party and the country.For a long time, Fushun County Human Resources and Armed Forces Department has coordinated for active servicemen to solve problems related to military rights protection. This visit is just an epitome of them.The relevant person in charge of the Fushun County People’s Armed Forces Department said that it is their important duty to relieve the worries of soldiers. In the future, they will further improve the relevant mechanism and practice the purpose of “making soldiers become the profession respected by the whole society” with practical actions, and effectively enhance the sense of gain, honor and responsibility of soldiers.(Li Chunping, Wu Jiang, Wang Manxiu) Source: National Defense Times Editor: Xi Xi Editor: Deng Xiaobing Link: National Defense Times new media