City leaders video point check festival epidemic prevention and control, safety production and other work | with hard index for peace and happiness index

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This morning, vice secretary of municipal party committee and acting mayor of ShengLei at video way, check around the epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival, safety in production work, strict implementation of the unattended system on duty, strengthen the emergency safeguard, with hard index for the people in the city of peace, happiness index, to ensure that the masses have a health peace, happiness and peaceful New Year.”How to arrange the holiday shift?””Is the emergency guard sufficient?””Are epidemic prevention and control measures in place?”How to guarantee the needs of permanent employees?”…In the general duty room of the Municipal Party Committee and The Municipal Government, Sheng Lei made video calls to Jintan District, Xinbei District, Tianning District and Changzhou Economic development Zone successively, to learn about the arrangement and deployment of the safety and stability work of each section in detail.ShengLei pointed out, the Spring Festival is a family reunion, at present, the epidemic prevention and control situation is still complicated and severe winter Olympics opening, departments in all localities should resolutely overcome the paralysis of thought and slacken mentality, insist on between staying a duty, between staying and responsible, and strict implementation of party and government main leaders “to take class” and the system of key positions and need 24 hours on duty,We will strictly implement the system of “one third on duty, one third ready for duty, and one third taking shifts off”. We will fully prepare for emergencies, smooth the mechanism of coordinated dispatch and information reporting, and be ready to work as one to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the city during the festival and ensure that the people enjoy the New Year with joy.Sheng Lei stressed that the prevention and control work should be carried out in key places, areas and links, especially in view of the dense population and high mobility during the Spring Festival.Work safety should be emphasized, the “five responsibilities” should be tightened, fire hazards in high-risk places should be strictly prevented, and safety should be ensured in key industries such as industrial enterprises, tourist attractions, road transportation and public places.At the same time, we should care about the workers who stay for the New Year, to ensure that the policy of “gift package” direct grass-roots;We will provide heart-warming services at centralized quarantine sites for epidemic prevention and control, so that everyone can enjoy a warm Spring Festival.She also paid a visit to the duty officers of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, and expressed her gratitude to all the staff on duty during the Spring Festival on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government.Zhou Chengtao, secretary-general of the municipal government, attended the meeting.Reporter: Yan Naihe Photography: Zhang Pinyang Editor: Jiang Qingyu Review: Pan Jianwei Li Hua Supervised production: Huangjiang Ma Lingyun Changzhou Radio and Television Station production welcome forward infringement will be investigated I knew you were “watching”