The emboli really can fly!

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China’s Su Yiming, who was born in 2004, made his debut in the Men’s snowboard slopestyle qualifying competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday afternoon. He scored 86.80 points in the first round, the only one among 30 skiers to score 80 points in the first ski.The former child star, who played xiao Supan in the film The Taking of Tiger Mountain, was also the first male snowboarder to complete a 1,980 degree grip. He proved his line in the film “I’m afraid you can’t catch me” with his strength.Men’s snowboard slopestyle qualification competition is held at Genting Ski Park in Zhangjiakou, North China’s Zhangjiakou, Feb. 6, 2018.Su yiming, the penultimate of the first round, was cheered as soon as she appeared.Notably, he is the youngest of the 30 men’s snowboard slopestyle qualifiers at the Winter Olympics.In her debut show, Su is light and steady, with frequent difficult movements, and dazzling moves in the prop area.The overall track performance was impeccable.She landed on her last jump.The Chinese teenager scored 86.80 points with the high quality 1620, which was not only the highest score in the first qualifying round, but also the only score over 80 in the first round.As the qualifying rounds are divided into two rounds, the higher scores of the two rounds are ranked, and the top 12 players advance to the finals.So the first round, Su Yiming will firmly grasp the final qualification in the hand.After two rounds, he still ranked first with 86.80 points and qualified for the final.Excited by her first result in the qualifying round, Su yiming, who is not yet 18, raised her skis and said “thank you” to Lian.Su yiming, who was born in Jilin City, Jilin Province on February 18, 2004, began to learn to ski at the age of 4, taiyuan Daily reported. She became an ice and snow athlete in Shanxi Province in 2008, specializing in big jump and slopestyle snowboarding.In March 2020, Su Yiming unlocked the first 1620 degree somersault in China.In January 2021, Su Yiming completed the first five-week 1800-degree backfoot turn in the history of Chinese snowboarding in training, making a new breakthrough for Chinese snowboarding.On October 28, 2021, While preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics in stubar, Austria, Su yiming successfully challenged the Bs1980IndyCrail (1980 degree inside grip), becoming the first athlete in the world to complete the maneuver, which was certified by the Guinness Book of Records.In December 2021, Su Yiming became the first Chinese to win the snowboard Grand Jump World Cup.In 2014, Su played the role of “Little Supi” in the film the Taking of Tiger Mountain.”I had to focus 100 percent of my energy on what I wanted to do,” he said of his experience as an actor, choosing the actor over a professional athlete and going all out to prepare for the Olympics.On February 6, @China Film Report also published a video of su yiming, the creator of The Taking of Tiger Mountain. The film’s director Tsui Hark, executive producer Huang Jianxin and producer Yu Dong sent their best wishes to Su, wishing him a good performance in the competition and winning glory for the country.Xiao Supan’s bold words of “AFRAID you can’t catch up” have impressed the audience deeply.The Beijing Winter Olympics, Su Yiming’s strength appearance to many netizens brought surprise, some people sigh: it seems that small emboli didn’t brag, really “catch up”.The men’s snowboard slopestyle final will be held on February 7.On February 14 and 15, Su will compete again in the men’s snowboard big jump at the Shougang Ski Big Jump in Beijing.Source mesh edit | observer: hanyu