What would you fill in, guys?

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What would you fill in, guys?This is the note my girlfriend gave me. Does anyone know what that means?How distasteful is it to see beautiful houses spray-painted with demolition signs?A boy gave me a doll. What’s inside?Friends, is it serious to go back to your mother-in-law’s house and eat such food?I smoked a pack of cigarettes, wondering what I was missing.I have a girlfriend whose boyfriend is a delivery man and not long ago he was knocked down by a car at an intersection because customers were in a hurry.She didn’t care at the time, but later found out she was pregnant.Her boyfriend’s father approached her and said he would give her all compensation as long as she had children.Although the man left, but the feelings are still in, the girlfriend is very tangled.You can wake me up. I owe over 700 in my account, and my friend owes over 1000 in his account.What does it mean to start at 15?