“Polyethylene wax” Xeno teaches you to use lubricants

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Polymer materials in molding processing, in order to improve the flow performance of polymer melt, reduce or avoid adhesion to the equipment and added to the polymer material, known as lubricant;In order to avoid polymer material forming processing of metal equipment adhesion and easy demoulding, and coated with products in contact with the surface of the metal equipment, known as demoulding agent, also known as lubricant.The balance of internal and external lubricants in the lubrication system is the most difficult to master in formula design. Excessive addition of internal lubricants will make the plasticizing quality of products poor, while excessive external lubricants will affect the quality and yield except for precipitation in the diameter sleeve and film mouth.Therefore, the proportion of internal and external lubricant is very important, he requires reasonable and balanced, too much or too little use will directly affect the processing of PVC material and the performance of the product, and the appropriate ratio of internal and external lubricant can improve the apparent quality and mechanical properties of the product.The amount of lubricant added to a system should be such that the material is uniformly plasticized under normal operating conditions and has sufficient fluidity.If adjusting the amount of external lubricant still can not meet the requirements of material processing, you can consider adding a small amount of internal lubricant.There are many factors affecting external lubricants. When using high surface active filler, such as ultrafine calcium carbonate and activated calcium, the amount of external lubricants needs to be increased due to its absorption and adsorption of lubricants.When the impact resistant toughening modifier is used, due to the high viscosity of the melt, the possibility of adhesion to the metal surface is large, so the amount of external lubricant is often needed to increase.The larger the contact surface area of processing equipment and material, the more external lubricant needs to be added, so the thin-walled tube extruded with the same equipment requires more external lubricant than the thick-walled tube of the same specification.When the processing temperature is high, the melt tends to adhere to the metal surface, and more external lubricant is added.Polyethylene wax (XENo) Xeno new material, 15 years of accumulation, polyethylene wax brand manufacturer, blue Ocean equity institutions listed enterprises.Focus on the r & D and production of lubricating dispersion system, including the r & D, production and application of polyethylene wax, polyethylene oxide wax, polypropylene wax, EBS, zinc stearate and other additives.Hotline: 400-8788532.