Minecraft Scoop of the Year: Classic Chinese EDITION MC!Mojang employee capes have been cracked

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What do I mean by anecdote?A hearsay or some kind of fun that is not officially recorded.With The Chinese New Year just around the corner, let’s talk about some interesting things that happened in Minecraft’s year.01, Wenyan (Huaxia) edition!For those of you who don’t know it, minecraft has quietly added a major update to Minecraft1.17.1 — a new wenyan (Chinese) language, designed to spread the ancient Chinese civilization around the world.There are many interesting translations, such as Diamond Sword (diamond sword), Fire embers (lower realm alloy), You are dead (son died), Yanling (Fiery Flame Man), chicken (chicken), Gu Haiwei (Yuan Guardian), End Micron (End Film Man) and so on.In fact, in addition to classical Chinese translation, there is a whole translation called “Terrier Chinese”, which is not suitable to be added as an official language due to the excessive number of terriers.02. Mojang Toilet Culture;Toilet is a room full of wisdom collision, often here will be born a lot of creative inspiration.The ability to concentrate while on the toilet can lead to undisciplined thinking.So Mojang has attached a standard set of guidelines to the door of its mistakes.For example, don’t stand on the toilet to smell, don’t sing with a toilet brush, don’t have a meeting on the toilet, and remember to flush the toilet when you leave.Later, the tips were Steve and zombies.Did you know that you get a badge for every one, five, or ten years you join Mojang?They represent the year you started at Mojang, and of course, given Mojang’s corporate culture, no one would be foolish enough to wear badges on their chests, sometimes they’re more of a souvenir.04. Mojang Capes/capes are cracked!With the revamped Mojang logo, minecraft’s capes, which are only allowed by Mojang employees, have been given a new material.Although this cape is for the exclusive use of staff, it does not make the majority of Minecraft players yearn for it.Third party developers in the Minecraft market have uncovered the secrets behind it by modifying the game files, extracting APK, replacing skin_packs’ skins and cape files, and repackaging them.You’ll be able to get an exclusive Mojang in-house cape that everyone can see.05, Microsoft gift!This is a beautiful set of Minecraft gifts from Microsoft just in time for Christmas.Many minecrafters overseas have received such gifts.In fact, the domestic NetEase is also good around the world, but also launched a New Blind box blessing bag.So, what kind of official gifts have you received?Floating empty abandoned mine!During one of Minecraft’s official live streams, they found a newly designed abandoned mine in the ground, after explaining that the abandoned mine would be supported by chains and oak pillars and would never float empty.The developers came across floating and empty mines.So they turned a blind eye.Mojang is still working on this bug in secret, trying to get all the floating mines to be supported.To this end, some players suggest that it is better to carry out a major revision of the abandoned mine, making it more parkour, mechanism, puzzle solving attributes.Frogs can eat everything!A frog eating a goat is bound to be one of the most embarrassing jokes of the year, and Minecraft’s bedrock edition is a true starter and bug-generating game.A number of players in the MC community suggested taking advantage of the situation by adding a gameplay that would allow the frog to swallow Steve in one gulp and then unlock a whole new dimension by allowing Steve to explore the stomach of a slimy frog.Recently, Nvidia has announced the release of two new RTX maps in collaboration with Minecraft China, namely “Chen Tang Guan” from Ancient Stone and “Year of the Tiger” from Cthuwork.Let’s go to Minecraft world and enjoy our traditional Chinese New Year!(Why do you say that?Because I want to introduce the last message!Happy Year of the Tiger to all my dear ones!Everyone can have tiger tiger blessing, tiger tiger sweet, tiger tiger luck, tiger tiger health, tiger tiger happiness, tiger tiger mood, tiger tiger smooth, tiger tiger happiness, tiger tiger life!