The blooming season of lushun cherry blossom garden has been delayed by a week due to an inverted cold

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“Cherry blossoms on the red lane, willow leaves by the green pond”, is the most romantic scene in April.In the city parks and streets, the wicker has been out of green, apricot flowers, peach flowers, winter jasmine and other flowers have been in bloom, so as to appreciate the cherry blossom resort, so the residents and tourists are looking forward to the arrival of the cherry blossom season, when will the cherry blossom in Lushun open this year?Due to the reverse cold, the blooming season of lushun Cherry Garden (formerly the 23rd Scenic spot) is about a week later than last year. Single cherry blossoms are expected to start blooming in mid-April, while double cherry blossoms are expected to start blooming after April 20.On April 7, the reporter walked into lushun Cherry garden.At present, the cherry blossoms are still in the bud state, some magnolias have emerged, and the red plum is now mostly open.Wu Haitao, a staff member, said that the spring of 2022 in Lushun Is a little colder than 2021, with lower temperatures than the same period last year and a relatively delayed flowering of cherry blossoms.There is a magical “message tree” in the garden. Once this tree blooms, other cherry blossoms will follow.The cherry tree is called “Sakura Yoshino,” a single-petal variety.This time last year the buds were already very large, but at this time, most of the buds are still only the size of a grain of rice, a few are slightly exposed, the gap is obvious.Wu haitao told reporters that flower plants are very sensitive to meteorological conditions, and this week’s temperature drop and a wind and rain have affected the flowering season.”Single cherry blossoms are expected to begin to bloom around April 15 and peak around April 25.”As the venue of dalian (Lvshun) International Cherry Blossom Festival every year, Lvshun Cherry Garden is the largest cherry blossom resort in northeast China with the largest variety of cherry trees, attracting tourists from all over the country to visit and clock out every year.The reporter learned from dalian Lvshun Culture and Tourism Group that the Lvshun Cherry Garden will be open this year. It is hoped that the general public will strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations in the garden and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the cherry blossom dance when it is in full bloom.Peninsula Morning Post, 39 degrees video chief reporter Zhang Ximing