6 good plays on 4 major platforms: Ren Jialun Xiao zhan has a style, “Heart” to Pierce the hearts of people

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At the beginning of 2022, the Beginning, starring Bai Jingting and Zhao Jinmai, became a big hit. Netflix picked up the show for release in April, which gave audiences new expectations for domestic dramas.In March, there was a flood of good dramas. Four major network broadcast platforms each aired big dramas. “Met you at the Beginning”, “The Rest of my life, Please give me more advice” and other dramas dominated the screen and were searched hot.01. Youku drama “Meet you at the Beginning” “Meet you at the beginning” was frequently hot searched before it was broadcast, and its premiere also achieved excellent results. Of course, as youku’s biggest trump card, it was extremely in place in terms of scheduling, publicity, production and other aspects.Outside the play Ren Jialun and Dili reba two ancient outfit god yan combination of attention, the play “cool sa royal sister” and “lovely male fish” combination is also full of hotspot.Ren Jialun as shark people long by netizens was known as “mermaid”, meaning he is acting in the play and expectations at a time, not only can be behaved children cute faces no acosmia feeling, at the same time take details hold very in place, in the eyes, action is all play, Ren Jialun acting is one of the best in the entertainment circle, but he always keep trying to break through yourself.Many people pay attention to Dilieba because of her beauty, but I have to say that her acting in this play is really good, especially the ability to switch between two completely different emotions. Her performance in this play shocked many young actors, although there were doubts, she did the best of herself.Many netizens’ comments on “The Rest of my Life, Please Advise me” are “I thought it was a dog’s blood and routine sweet pet drama, but AFTER watching it, I found that I really like the mutual healing and two-way love between the male and female protagonists”.This drama has been broadcast for 3 years, from casting to boot and then to finishing heat continues to rise, it was announced on September 8 last year, but due to various reasons was withdrawn.”The Rest of my Life,” which will be broadcast in Malaysia on March 28, is a rare show that can be broadcast abroad after just a few days in China.People’s Daily Online commented that the show “is not just about the level of appearance” and uses ordinary characters to strike a chord with the characters.The truest comment on the adaptation of the novel is from fans of the novel, many of whom said that “both the story and the characters are perfectly restored”.There is no need to say much about Yang Zi’s acting, she can play steadily in every work, and Xiao Zhan’s acting is concerned by many media and netizens, we can see that he has made great progress.”One look contains too many emotions”, giving the audience the most sincere emotional experience, especially a strong sense of substitution.From its name, The drama Heart House is unique, reflecting the fundamental problems of human nature in double reality. There is no absolutely perfect person and there is no halo of the leading role. Through the lens, the drama feels the vicissitudes of life.The main characters in The novel are Feng Xiaoqin and Gu Qingyu. Although they are in the mire of life, they still do not give up.Every character in the show is real and down-to-earth, so many viewers can relate to it.The most brilliant in addition to the plot is the acting of two female, just with “thirty” burst the fire of Tong Yao in this drama acting is commendable.Her role as Gu Qingyu is an ideal urban woman for many people. Her 20 years in the industry has also cultivated her “drama casting acting style”. Some netizens commented that “such a capable role must be Tong Yao”.And Tong Yao played Gu Qingyu in strong contrast is haiqing played Feng Xiaoqin, Haiqing has the most important role of the “fireworks”, so she is also the play to gain the most praise, with absolute solid acting crush everyone, Haiqing lines is also very good, a few minutes of every line heart.With little fanfare and no streaming cast, Hunting Crime Legend is definitely the biggest surprise of the year.Not only is the plot tight and full of suspense, no plot is redundant, but it also grasps the most important details of the crime theme, which is worth going to detail.Many netizens said that “suspense dramas should be rolled up according to this standard”. The subject matter of “Hunting Crime Map” is not new, but it has joined the novel profession of “portrait artist”.The drama is related to many hot topics at the moment, such as plastic surgery, domestic violence, fraud and so on. Each story can reflect some truth. Although the drama is played by two male actors, the story is narrated from a female perspective.Good works and actors have a lot of relationship, the two men and women with tacit understanding, acting although there is still a lot of room for progress but is also very good, Jin Shijia’s performance also overturned the audience stereotype of the police, the play is also very many female supporting roles, especially as Ren Xiaoxuan Zhang Zimu surprised a lot of people.05. IQIYI dramas “in the” douban many netizens to “in the evaluation of the four five-star high score, some people say that the show can and love the mountain”, “s awakening” and so on, the show also created CCTV TV ratings high, in fact sheet from the cast of luxury, “in the” don’t think fire is difficult.This play can be called “the best of the year” in terms of the actors’ acting, costumes and characters, which truly reproduces the life changes of the Chinese people in the 1950s.As one of the best examples of middle-aged actresses, Yin tao’s acting skills are unquestionable, and her character’s journey from adolescence to old age does not seem to be out of line.Shu Qi once posted on her micro blog that she was paralyzed by tears after watching The drama, which is also the state of many netizens.As the plot is realistic and the scriptwrting is thoughtful, even liang Xiaosheng, the writer of the original work, has praised the series, which brings audiences of all ages together to recall the last era. Such a success is not surprising.Yu Zheng’s show has been ridiculed for a lot of reasons, but mostly for his own sake, and while it didn’t live up to expectations, it’s actually a great show in many ways.The duo of xu Kai and Wu Jinyan makes up for their difficult feelings in The story of Yanxi Palace, which is what many viewers have been waiting for.Two people’s acting in this play to the extreme, also created a strong sense of CP, the supporting role of Wang Chu-ran, He Ruixian, Zhang Nan and others are a top beauty, the overall lineup is enough eye candy.This drama begins with the Food Bureau, there are a lot of shots are food, and both the production process of dishes and the finished product close-up filter are very sophisticated, “looking at hungry”.The plot of the show can be considered excellent, and the early episodes leave viewers with a mystery about the heroine’s origins.One of the highlights of “Shang Food” is the costumes. From clothes to accessories to makeup, yu Zheng’s ability in this aspect is beyond the reach of many directors.These shows, broadcast on the four major platforms, are deeply loved by netizens and have triggered a lot of discussion and response.The story line, the production is excellent, the actor’s acting is not perfunctory, will certainly be recognized by the audience.There are a lot of big shows coming up in 2022. What shows are you looking forward to?– This article is original, unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited, infringement will be corrected.