A 16-year-old girl who was abducted for three years has been reluctant to part with her in-laws because they treated her so well

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Each year, three million people go missing around the world. Most of these disappearances are due to accidental deaths, but some are trafficked by human traffickers.The children are adopted by other families and the women are used as fertility tools.Therefore, for human traffickers, all countries are firmly cracking down, China’s punishment of human traffickers is never lenient.Three years after being abducted by human traffickers, quick-witted Girl Peng Xiaoyu saved her life by turning to weibo for help.But after being rescued, Peng Xiaoyu is somewhat reluctant to leave her husband’s house however, the reason is to let a person silence.On May 13, 2011, a special weibo message caught the attention of shandong TV reporters.One girl, who goes by the online name “Missing Single Dad,” said she was abducted and sold to Shanxi Province, and though she is doing well, she misses her father and friends very much.The TV tower couldn’t sit idly by with such a straightforward plea for help.So the reporter opened the girl’s home page, found that the girl clearly tunnel out of his hometown, in Guizhou Guiyang Huaxi, father called Peng Yongyuan, his name is Peng Xiaoyu.He was trafficked to a miner’s home in Guangling County, Datong, Shanxi Province, where he married the 30-year-old miner and had a son.With such accurate information, the reporter immediately went to the public Security Bureau to call the police.Police in Shandong also tracked down Peng Yongyuan in Guiyang and asked him if he had a daughter who was missing.When Peng yongyuan heard the news, he was ecstatic and asked the police if they knew where his daughter was.So early in 2008, peng Yongyuan’s daughter Peng Xiaoyu is missing mysteriously, henceforth no matter how Peng Yongyuan seeks, cannot find its whereabouts.Until one day, Peng Xiaoyu suddenly made a phone call to him, said he was abducted and sold, to 28000 yuan to buy their own back.Peng immediately called the police and began raising money to redeem his daughter.But when he called again, he found that his daughter was missing.It was after that incident that Peng xiaoyu never called home again.So when the police asked Peng Yongyuan about peng Xiaoyu things, Peng Yongyuan will be so excited, he firmly believes that the girl who left a message for help on weibo, is his daughter Peng Xiaoyu.Now that the identity is confirmed, the next step is the de facto rescue.Peng Xiaoyu left a very detailed address, but in order not to alert the traffickers, the police decided to immediately implement the action, from the local public security bureau to The location of Peng Xiaoyu, it took several hours.The mountain path was muddy and difficult to walk, and it was already late at night when WE arrived.Peng Xiaoyu was very surprised to see the police, and then saw his father after 3 years, but also excited to hug his father refused to let go.But the next second a baby cry, but Peng Xiaoyu pulled back to reality, she immediately put down his father, came to the bed to coax the baby to sleep.At the same time, the police also found that Peng Xiaoyu’s experience seems unlikely to be trafficked.Seems to be to see the father and the police eyes of doubt, Peng Xiaoyu this to tell the public about his past.Originally 3 years ago Peng Xiaoyu was not abducted at the beginning, then 16 years old she is in the rebellious period, coupled with the family is not rich and their life requirements are high.Then moved the idea of going out to work, but parents think Peng Xiaoyu is still young, do not let her go out.Then Peng Xiaoyu is hiding from parents secretly slip away to work, and got acquainted with a friend that calls xiao Gao in the restaurant.After xiao Gao learns Peng Xiaoyu is short of money, gave her an idea, let Peng Xiaoyu cooperate with him.Peng met Gao’s brother and sister-in-law and was eventually sold to xing, a 30-year-old miner, for 28,000 yuan.Originally xiao Gao’s elder brother and sister-in-law agreed, after the transaction is completed secretly bring Peng Xiaoyu back, and will be part of 28000 yuan to her.But did not think that Xiao Gao and brother and sister-in-law from now on a walk, and Peng Xiaoyu also became Xing’s wife.Xing is only 1.5 meters tall and relatively awkward, so peng wanted to go home as soon as she realized she had been duped.She begs her mother-in-law to put her back, but the Xing family, after all, spent 28,000 yuan to buy her back and are unwilling to let her go unless Xiaoyu comes up with 28,000 yuan.So xiaoyu immediately called her father and said she was abducted and sold and needed 28,000 yuan to buy her freedom.But when she heard over the phone how much she missed her father and his promise that he would raise money to take her home even if he bought a house, Xiao Yu regretted.She regretted that she was not sensible and did not want her father to lose everything for her.So Xiaoyu never called home from then on, but chose to face reality.Fortunately, xing’s family is not bad, and even Xing is just a little shabby.They promised not to embarrass jade, as long as the jade can leave a incense to xing home, they will never stop jade to go home in the future.After the xing family did do what they said, they treat jade very care, what delicious to give jade first.Xing and her father both work in the mine, each earning up to 3,000 yuan a month, while her mother-in-law is a housewife responsible for housework.Even so poor, xing still did not mistreat Jade, usually jade do not have to do anything, only need to eat and drink at home to keep good health, watch TV.Worried about jade alone, her mother-in-law will find someone in the village to play mahjong with Jade, even if Xing’s father is sick, the family is not willing to go to the hospital, but will save money to buy clothes to buy food for Jade.These actions have touched the jade, but also let the Jade xing family heart tao lung, soon gave birth to a child.After the child was born, the Xing family did not change their attitude, but more concerned about Xiaoyu’s body.But xiao Yu had been away from home for a long time and missed her parents and grandmother, so she posted a message for help on Weibo.She had not thought she would be saved, but her father’s arrival surprised her.In parting, small jade and mother-in-law embrace together even some reluctant to part.Do not miss to parents family, eventually let small jade left xing home, and she also did not pursue xing family to buy his legal responsibility.But at the outset abduct small jade xiao Gao and its elder brother and sister-in-law cannot escape legal pursue responsibility however.According to Article 240 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, whoever abducts and traffics in a woman or child shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but not more than 10 years and shall also be fined;If the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years or life imprisonment and shall also be fined or be sentenced to confiscation of property;If the circumstances are especially serious, he shall be sentenced to death and also to confiscation of property.With Jade’s information, the police soon capture Xiao Gao and his brother and sister-in-law.The court also sentenced three people for kidnapping and selling women and children.Source: Lawyer Luo Bo Fei from Changsha