The queen, 95, has confirmed a novel coronavirus infection with mild “flu-like” symptoms

2022-07-20 0 By

The queen, 95, has tested positive for nucleic acid and has mild “flu-like symptoms,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement Monday.The statement said the Queen would continue to receive medical care and all “appropriate guidelines” would be followed.The Novel coronavirus infection in Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, was confirmed on February 8, just days after the Queen hosted a celebration of her 70th anniversary on the throne at Windsor Castle.Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles, also tested positive for nucleic acid and is currently in self-quarantine.Buckingham Palace has repeatedly refused to say whether the Queen herself is infected with the Novel Coronavirus, and it remains unclear exactly when she provided the positive test results.Her Majesty is experiencing mild flu-like symptoms but is expected to continue light work at Windsor in the coming week, the statement said.She will continue to receive medical care and will follow all appropriate guidelines.The Queen is understood to have received three doses of the vaccine, but has been resting on doctors’ orders since mid-October after cancelling a series of engagements and spending a night in hospital undergoing initial tests.The queen’s doctor, Sir Hu Thomas, is expected to be in charge of on-site care and monitoring her health.Nandu reporter Chen Lin