Zhuo ma backtracked and began to live with goods?2 days sales reached 4 million, the net friend said a fair word

2022-07-20 0 By

Recently, Honour Sun Zhuo’s mother Peng Siying opened live, live with the netizens said some of their previous experience.The livestream was not just for chatting, but peng siying started an official livestream online to sell her sweet bean buns, which sparked heated discussion among netizens.It is reported that Peng Siying, Sun Zhuo’s mother, had said in the previous live broadcast that she would never live bring goods.Before the launch of yellow bikes on social media platforms, netizens did not say anything.After all, yellow car is not live with goods, Sun Haiyang couple is not reneging.At the very least, the Sun couple’s actions have greatly promoted the development of child trafficking by placing information about abducted children in every sticky bean packet.With this information, a large number of abducted children were returned to their birth parents in a short period of time.But now it is different, Peng Siying officially in the live broadcast to sell their own sticky bean buns, is already live with goods.And revenues were impressive, with sales reaching $4 million in two days.After the cost, Peng Siying this time how also can enter seven figures.Many netizens say Peng siying has gone too far in her online popularity, saying she is trying to help families of abducted children return to their biological parents as soon as possible.Secretly, he’s using the heat for his own profit, and he’s making a lot of money.Personally think, there is a loophole in this part of the netizen’s point of view, do good people deserve to suffer?True, sun Haiyang couple because of the heat of this thing, really earned a lot of money.But the good they have done is also real, helping families get their children back and bringing the issue of child trafficking to light.Why can’t they make money for all their efforts?Why should they waste their energy, their time and their money, advocating online for the families of abducted children?They’re just doing good, generating some heat, and making some money from that heat.Without their voices, trafficked children would never have been returned to their birth parents.These acts of kindness, they do not measure in money.If these denouncing Sun Haiyang couple, also can do like them, and then up to shine hot, to help abducted children back to their biological parents, then they are to earn more money, the net users do not have any opinion, because this is what they deserve.It’s like some rich people, they make money, give some of it away, get a good reputation, and then use that good reputation to make more money.They have earned every penny and donated money for good. They have no obligation to help others.But they did it anyway, and whether they profited from the heat of the event or not, the fact that others were helped was real.If we can’t speak up for others without taking any profit, we have no right to stand on the moral high ground and judge others.If you have anything to say about this, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.