EJU not doing well?Don’t panic!These safety schools are recommended for you

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As you all know, need to attend college in Japan study abroad exam, Japanese also is the EJU we used to say, the exam is difficult, involving subjects also nothing, similar to domestic college entrance examination, including: the liberal arts: Japanese (400 points) (200 points) + + mathematics (200 points, geopolitical history) science:Japanese (400 points) + Mathematics (200 points) + synthesis (200 points, physics, chemistry and biology three choose two) has always been a big rival of EJU students to Japan, people have mistakes, horse stumble, this is normal, EJU will naturally have unsatisfactory performance, do not panic if the results are not good, in Japan, it is better to choose good entrance examination.A safety school could save you the day. Take a look.Department: Department of Human Society, Department of Medicine.Enter oneself for an examination conditions: (1) the human society, the EJU Japanese score 200 +, there are more than N2 certificate can be exempted from the school take an examination of + interview (2) the medicine department, the EJU grades (Japanese mathematical 2 + + + chemicals physical/biological three total score of no less than 420 points) + class book review, interview the school advantages: (1) a few teaching, professor convenient more detailed guidance to students.② The curriculum is rich, including the tea ceremony, which aims to cultivate students’ speech and behavior.Also will arrange the internship, the investigation and the research content, trains the student’s actual combat ability.Department: Engineering Department, Aviation Engineering Department.Official selection method: A: Japanese test + interview + Book review B: EJU Japanese/Japanese Proficiency Test N2/ Japanese NAT-Test2 + interview + Book review Entry Requirements: There are no specific requirements for EJU scores.School advantages: There are two campuses, ueno campus and Kagoshima Campus in Tokyo.In 2020, the employment rate of graduates in Kagoshima campus and Ueno Campus was 98.2% and 82.3%, respectively.Department: Department of Business Information.EJU Japanese (reading, listening and reading) at least 200 points or N2 Level of Japanese ability official selection method: Japanese test (description) + interview + book review School advantage: ① Provide a variety of courses, about 150 professional courses for students to choose.(2) Cooperate with the local government and lead students to participate in social practice activities.You can apply for the following divisions: Law, Business, International Education and Sports Science.Entry requirements: There is no specific score requirement for EJU.Official selection methods: Law Department, Business Department, Sports Science Department: Book review + Japanese Basic examination + interview International Education Department: Book review + English examination + interview School advantages: ① International university, there are about 30 educational institutions in the international exchange.Nankai University in China is a sister school of Yamanashi Gakuin University and can recognize credits from each other.③ In order to encourage students to develop freely and innovate, students can submit their explorations to the school in a report. The prize winner can get up to 500,000 yen (about 28,000 yuan).You can apply for the following divisions: Teacher Education Division, Business Management Division, Medical Care Division, English and Information Management Division, Tourism Management Division.Entry requirements: EJU score is not required.Advantages of the school: ① It cultivates many excellent teachers every year and enjoys great reputation in Japan. In 2020, the employment rate of teachers is as high as 86.7%, ranking first in Japan.② During the period of school, the school sets up a lot of guidance courses for obtaining certificates. Students can obtain certificates in college, so as to improve their competitiveness when they work after graduation.You can apply to the following divisions: Literature, International, Law, Economics, Business, Data Science, Human Sciences, Engineering, Education, Medicine, Nursing and Development and Creation.Entry requirements: EJU score is not required.Official selection method: interview + oral question and answer + book review University Advantage: The school is free and open, and takes the international route. Aiming at cultivating international talents, the 4-semester system of European and American universities has been implemented since 2015, which provides students with easier opportunities to exchange and study abroad.You see, some of these university even aren’t required to EJU scores, but take a closer look at the selection again, every school tacitly the requirements of the Japanese students, so the words again, Japanese in Japan KaoXue plays a vital role in the process, the Japanese brought it anyway, so there will at least one out of school,So for students to go to Japan to take an examination of the university, we must choose a good language school, not to talk about other, first learn To understand the Japanese, there is no worry about learning, the recommended language school has: ① Xiu Man Japanese language school: tuition 829,000 yen/year, the number of 2000+, 60% Chinese.② Jingjin Language Institute: tuition fee: 869,000 yen/year, enrollment: 2,000 +, 65% Chinese.③ Unitas Japanese Language School: tuition is 760,000 yen per year, the number of students is 600, and 56% are Chinese.④ Melos Language Institute: tuition 778,000 yen/year, enrollment 1,160, 56% Chinese.⑤ Qianduoya Japanese Language School (our school) : tuition is 816,000 yen per year, enrollment is 1,000 yen, 70% Chinese.⑥ Kosu Japanese Language School: tuition 820,000 yen/year, enrollment 1000%, 80% Chinese.⑦ Elite Japanese language school: the tuition is 792,000 yen per year, the number of students is 1,000, 80% Chinese.8. Tokyo Silver Star Japanese Language School: tuition 800,000 yen/year, enrollment 600, 30% Chinese.⑨ An Japanese Language School: the tuition is 800,000 yen per year, the enrollment is 1,000 yen, 40% Chinese.Don’t know how to choose?Can do a quick assessment, we will recommend the most suitable language school for you according to your situation!AACCB1, want to go to Japan A: 2022 B: 2023 C: 2024 D: Other 2, What is the level of Japanese now A: Zero foundation B: N5 C: N4 D: N3 E: N2 F: N13, Liberal Arts student, Science student or art student A: Liberal Arts student B:The school of science living C:Art student 4. Do your family support your study in Japan A: Yes B: No C: Still discussing 5. What are your requirements for the language school?Other in the end, want to see this article, the EJU prepared for or to be well-prepared, impact schools should be every dream of coming to Japan KaoXue students, must spare no efforts to sprint, was not achieve that these guaranteed institutions can also help the students out, as junjie, KaoXue this issue in Japan, ditching of obsession,Make a reasonable and correct choice, and there will be a good result.