Guarantee supply and steady price!Spring Festival nine tripod market goods abundant price stability, strong taste

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February 4th reporter in Xinjiang Jiuding agricultural products wholesale market (hereinafter referred to as “Jiuding market”) to see, a car from all over the country full of agricultural and sideline products of the truck is orderly entering the market, shops before moving goods workers are boxes of fresh vegetables, fruit unloaded.In the fruit market, a variety of fruits in eyes, an endless stream of customers.”Jiuding market is a whole xinjiang or even a national market, such an influential market also allows us to sell more widely.During the Spring Festival, we sold about 20 tons of fruit to Kashgar, Korla, Altay, Karamay and other places every day.”Jiuding market merchant Zhang Dongyang said.As the largest and most extensive primary wholesale trading market of agricultural products in Xinjiang, Jiuding Market undertakes more than 85% of fruit and vegetable supply in xinjiang. Through years of operation and development, jiuding Market has formed a purchase and sales mode from “buy the whole country and sell the whole Xinjiang” to “buy the whole Xinjiang and sell the whole country”.Zhao Zhenxin, a truck driver from northeast China, and his wife have been delivering fruits and vegetables across the country during the Spring Festival. Today is the fourth time they have delivered oranges from Guangxi to Jiuding Market.For truckers like him, he is relieved to be able to travel smoothly into Xinjiang this year.”In previous years, when we entered Xinjiang from the jiangmen warehouse, we had to queue up for examination, nucleic acid and disinfection. It was common to wait for one or two days.This year, we enter Xinjiang from the green channel, only a few hours, after completing the detection and elimination, we can get the green label, all the way into the Jiuding market, very convenient, very efficient.”Zhao Zhenxin said.During the Spring Festival, the dominant market closely “vegetables, fruits, fushi” three types of supplies, daily necessities actively dredge traffic blocking point, through direct marketing logistics green channel, improve security supply ability, strengthen the market service level, enhance market circulation efficiency, good end all the xinjiang people’s “vegetable basket” fruit plates “,”Ensure sufficient market supply, stable price, high quality and safety during festivals.”We will open a green channel for truck drivers entering Xinjiang, check nucleic acid reports and certificates of origin, and issue green labels after elimination to ensure that trucks are smooth, which can save at least one day compared to the previous.”Xinjiang Nine tripod agricultural products management Limited company deputy general manager Feng Juan said.During the Spring Festival, various measures will be taken to ensure that businesses do not close to ensure that vegetables and fruits are in sufficient supply during the Spring Festival. They are of good quality, rich in variety and stable in price, so that people in Xinjiang can buy at ease and eat at ease.In order to ensure the stability and abundance of “vegetable basket” and “fruit plate” for people in Xinjiang during the Spring Festival, Jiuding Group has extensively contacted upstream production bases and suppliers, and successively went to more than 20 fruit and vegetable bases in 7 provinces of The country to sign the framework agreement of guaranteeing supply for the Spring Festival market and enriching people’s dining tables.Wang Guirong, an “elder” merchant at Jiuding Market, and her husband had been doing wholesale business elsewhere until 2013.After jiuding market began to operate, she heard that the market was big and doing well, so she moved her “base” to jiuding market and stayed there for nine years.This Spring Festival, Wang guirong, as usual, responded to the market call to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot, “no closing time” during the Spring Festival.In order to make the merchants like her have a warm, practical and secure Spring Festival, Jiuding Market plays a solid role as “orderly”, ensuring market order, carefully organizing supplies, ensuring food safety, and creating a safe and thoughtful sales environment for merchants.”During the Spring Festival, Jiuding Market provides excellent protection in terms of heating, environment and fire protection.Helping the trucks get to market in a timely and fast way for loading and unloading, reducing weighing fees, parking fees, protecting our goods from the cold and ensuring good quality, all of which gives us great comfort.”Wang guirong said.The projects on the tip of the tongue are not only about people’s livelihood, but also about people’s hearts. Only by working hard with your heart can you win a good reputation.➤ ➤ During the Spring Festival, stocking, environment sampling every day to ensure food safety.➤ Arrange special staff to control and monitor the prices of vegetables and fruits, and roll them up on the market screen.➤ Relevant departments to stabilize the market, punish price gouging and other behaviors, to ensure the “basket” of xinjiang people, “fruit plate”, keep xinjiang people “tongue safety”.