Phone calls from other places make people feel terrible!Bengbu police rushed to the vicinity of Longzi Lake

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“Are you bengbu police? My friend is going to commit suicide. Please hurry up and save him!”At 10 o ‘clock in the morning of January 26, an urgent call to the police outside let everyone’s heart clenched up.Alarm people only know friends and family conflict, to commit suicide in longzi lake edge, specific location unknown.The situation is urgent, longhu police station police immediately organized police to longzi lake around the carpet search, while asking nearby personnel, after nearly 2 hours of search, finally found in a remote grove has taken the man, police immediately and 120 emergency personnel to the man to hospital rescue.At present, the man is out of danger and has been properly handed over to his family.This article is from Ping an Longzi Lake, copyright belongs to the original author, if involved in infringement, please contact delete.