Chaos mode opens in Borderlands 3

2022-07-22 0 By

Today is the seventh day of the Year of the Tiger, which is also the day when everyone starts to go to work. Generally, the holiday always passes quickly, although it has nothing to do with me.I don’t know if it’s because of the epidemic, the Spring Festival in the past two years didn’t feel the taste of the New Year, eating and drinking was nothing, and we had to wear masks everywhere except at home. It was still a little embarrassing!I don’t even bother to pay the world of Warcraft minimum warranty for years, mainly because of the 9.2 update coming up at the end of the month, which has raised the limit of armor by a large amount. Even if the current armor ceiling exists, it will be overthrown when the big version opens.Take this opportunity to play some of the previous period of time to get those masterpieces!After more than 70 hours of hard work, we finally finished borderlands 3’s main mission today. Unexpectedly, the ending of the plot is still a little sad. Even Lilith, the scarlet leader who has watched the whole film from the beginning, has sacrificed her life to save people.Because did not play before the work, also do not know behind the sequel inside will make these sacrificed hero come back to life?What impressed me most was the ending subtitles of the animation at the end of the whole play. At the beginning, it felt like watching a big movie, and even the subtitles were patiently waiting to be finished, for fear that the Easter eggs would be missed.Because behind for editing video, nature is also recorded while playing, also can’t cancel the fast forward, the result is waiting for the flowers to thank, didn’t notice the time, just know that time is rather short, later when editing video also specially the credits extracted, incredibly full of nearly 30 minutes (28 minutes) for a long time!After completing the game, you can finally unlock the legendary Chaos mode, which increases the difficulty of the game while also greatly increasing the gain experience and treasure drop rate!Come up directly pull full experience, the result is really slap slap face, just was I seconds to play the small strange, now even birthplace of a small dog strange all dozen die!It’s a scrapping experience!It will not be so easy, and found that also opened another set of upgrade system “guardian level”, look at this situation of the game is just the beginning of another stage!Behind more brush brush……After dinner, bring my dog and see how many layers of chaos I can challenge