Commonly used game web page, unexpectedly “domain name hijacking”!

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Finally take a break. Play some games, huh?This is not my familiar web page what is this game where is my game oh quickly let the network police brother tell you brother you this is encountered “domain name hijacking”!Rob, rob what…?Come, listen to me!Network domain name hijacking refers to the hijacking of the domain name resolution server by illegal means to obtain the control of the resolution record of the domain name of the website, and then modify the resolution result of the domain name, so that users cannot directly access the target website.After entering the domain name, the web page will be redirected to certain sites such as gambling and pornography.In January 2021, the network security department of Pingyang County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang received a report from a network technology Co., LTD., saying that it had received a large number of complaints from game players. When they visited the game navigation home page in the Internet cafe, they automatically jumped to others’ game private server, bringing bad experience to players.After receiving the report, Pingyang network security immediately set up a task force to carry out the work, through a large number of investigation forensics, investigation experiment, found that the game site is hijacked by the lawless domain name, hijacked after jump to other illegal websites.Through layer by layer investigation analysis, task force finally locks shaanxi some network technology Limited company.The person in charge of this company xiong mou, manager Chen mou and technical director Li Mou tree wait for a person, have major crime suspect.According to this clue, the task force continued to comb in detail, and the final result was shocking — since September 2020, the gang has controlled more than 700,000 computers in more than 10,000 Internet cafes nationwide!More than 140,000 domain name hijacking more than 10 million times!After several months of efforts, the task force finally identified the criminal gang headed by Xiong.Since April 2021, Xiong mou, Chen mou and other 13 criminal suspects have been arrested, frozen funds involved in more than 10 million yuan.After investigation, the gang used the Internet cafe management software developed by the company to load the hijacked code, and made illegal profits of more than 20 million yuan.On January 27, 2022, the main culprit Xiong was sentenced to 3 years in prison and fined 500,000 yuan for the crime of illegally controlling the computer information system. His accomplices Chen, Li And other 12 people were dealt with separately, and they were transferred to the procuratorial organs for review and prosecution.(Source: Network Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security)