Full elder brother help | worry!Construction vehicles in a property in Changsha have robbed children of their way to school

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Large transport vehicles come and go in and out at all hours of the day and night, not only causing disturbing noise, but also driving on narrow roads, posing safety risks to the public, especially students who are studying nearby.Many students use this road to go to and from school, but now construction vehicles come and go “rob” the road, parents are worried about their children’s safety.This is a year ago, has been plaguing the changsha layer on the view of the residential owners of the “heart”.In addition, on the morning of February 21, residents of several surrounding communities found that the water supply was cut off. The reason was that vehicles at the construction site burst the pipes, and nearly 600 households in the Shangguan Di community alone were affected.On February 21, after receiving owners’ complaints, xiaoxiang Morning News reporters on the spot visit, found owners said the situation does exist.Because the water pipe was burst, the layer of the guandi residential water all morning.The community staff of Chiling Road Sub-district furong South Road said that they had fed back the situation reflected by the owners to the site project department and would organize a coordination meeting.The project manager of tianxin Jiayuan, the construction company, also apologized and said, “After the basement of the nearby project under construction is completed, the road will be diverted in March or April this year.”Complaint: nearby site vehicles constantly in and out, not only burst the water pipe more safety risks “next to the site vehicles from here all day long, this road is not wide, the road has collapsed.Mr. Yuan, who lives in the view di residential area of Changsha layer, said that because of construction reasons, since the beginning of the year, there are many transport vehicles, muck vehicles, concrete mixing vehicles and other large, heavy vehicles from furong Road into shuizhu Street, which caused great trouble to the residents’ lives.”The first is noise.It is noisy at night because the construction site is also under construction at night.Mr. Yuan lives in the 3rd building. He said that the 2nd building is facing the street, so the residents of the 2nd building have quarreled with each other in the wechat group.”There is a primary school next to our community, and children from several communities in the community go to school here. Those big trucks come and go, and there is no school or school time, and even cars go the wrong way.”Since shuizhu Street is a common route for children to go to school, residents like Mr. Yuan are especially worried about their children’s safety on the road.Early in the morning of February 21, water was cut off in the Shangguan Di community and several surrounding communities.Owners this just know, is shui Zhu street lotus road mouth of the water pipe burst.”Years ago, the construction side of the vehicle on the water pipe at the gate of the school burst, the community stopped a water, now when the tank car passing through the intersection, the steps of the pressure down, and the water pipe at the entrance burst.”Mr. Yuan said, the community stopped the water for most of the morning, to near noon when the water.February 21 afternoon, xiaoxiang Morning News reporters came to the community outside the shuizhu Street, found that most sections of the street are not wide, only two lanes, the middle with guardrail interval, during the two large cars in this in and out, according to the owners, the two cars are the construction side of the vehicle.”In the last few days, the fence was also removed by construction workers, just to make it easier for large vehicles to enter and exit.”Mr. Yuan said.Subsequently, the reporter comes to water bamboo lotus street intersection, also is the place where pipe pressure blasting, found the changsha water industry in the next to set up a warm touch, it reads “pay attention to safety of traffic”, next to several mechanic was at work, the inquiry is fiber maintenance personnel, on the morning of the original here the fiber optic cable has been damaged.”The water company came this morning to fix it and it should be finished by now, with big machinery involved.”Mr. Yuan said.According to Mr. Yuan, the owners had already informed the community about the situation.How did the community respond?February 21 afternoon, the reporter came to the village belongs to red hill road street furong south road community, workers say, they have already feedback to the owner of the situation to the construction projects, the current community coordination work done including ordering construction vehicles to avoid morning and evening peak time period, school and student requirements as soon as possible open service road diversion, arrangement of 10 people in the street, water bamboo,Ensure traffic safety and so on.At the same time, the staff introduced that a coordination meeting will be held on February 22, when the head of the construction project department and street, community staff and owners representatives will attend, discuss the next step of the solution.The reporter then contacted the street staff of Chiling Road, the other party said that “the responsible party of this matter is at the site, and the street is responsible for coordination”.It says streets and communities are now urging the project’s staff to come up with solutions.Accompanied by Mr. Yuan, reporters came to tianxin Jiayuan project office.Mr. Long, the head of the project department, first apologized to Mr. Yuan, the owner’s representative, saying that he had brought great trouble to the surrounding owners.”The place where the pipe exploded was on the pavement, so it cannot be ruled out that it was caused by a passing vehicle, which is also a drawback of the old road.”Mr Long said that the previous removal of the guardrail is concerned that large vehicles in and out may cause damage to it.The damaged pavement facilities will be repaired.According to the plan, they will be with a new west roadside named “force high Phoenix new day” under construction project personnel negotiations.”Lyco is currently under construction, and the basement on the west side is still under construction for the third floor. It is expected to be completed in March or April this year. When the foundation is level with the road surface, a road will be filled in and we will change the road.”About the progress of this matter, xiaoxiang morning news reporter will continue to pay attention to.Xiaoxiang Morning news reporter Man Yankun more wonderful content, please download in the application market “morning video” client.Tips are welcome and will be paid on acceptance.Wechat: XXCBWX, 24-hour information hotline 0731-85571188.