Novel coronavirus infections can invade the placenta or cause fetal death

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Eunet, 11 February — Research has found that pregnant women who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 are at greater risk of giving birth to a stillbirth, ACCORDING to A report by THE European Union News agency.Unlike other fungal, bacterial or viral infections that affect the fetus through the placenta, novel coronavirus infections are particularly lethal to the developing placenta, said study author Dr. David Schwartz, a pathologist in Atlanta, Georgia, IN the United States. This damage can deprive the fetus of oxygen and nutrients and lead to fetal death.The novel coronavirus will invade the placenta or cause the baby to die.The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that pregnant women with novel Coronavirus infections are at greater risk of losing their baby before or during delivery, according to the Tulsa World.To better understand why pregnant women with Novel Coronavirus might have an increased risk of stillbirth, Schwartz and his team analyzed the placentas of 64 stillbirths and four cases of babies who died shortly after birth.None of the pregnant women had been vaccinated.The study found that infected placentas showed increased levels of fibrin, a protein involved in blood clotting and blocking blood and oxygen flow to the placenta.All 68 placentas had cell death, which forms the main protective barrier between mother and fetus, and 66 placentas had an accumulation of inflammatory cells called chronic histiocytovillus.’We see these anomalies with the naked eye under a microscope,’ Schwartz said.The average placenta was destroyed by 77.7%.The fetus cannot survive such injuries because the placenta is its only source of oxygen and nutrients.Although a small number of foetuses do show signs of infection, there is no evidence of stillbirths being caused by the Novel Coronavirus.Other diseases often infect the placenta by entering the fetus, causing damage to its organs, Schwartz explained.In contrast, damage from COVID-19 only occurred in the placenta, the study found.This is so unique that it now has its own name, Novel Coronavirus placenta.The researchers said the Novel Coronavirus is likely to have reached the placenta through the blood, where it infects cells and causes inflammation by causing protein deposits that impede blood flow and oxygen delivery, ultimately leading to fetal death.Previous statistics have pointed to a higher risk of stillbirth in pregnant women with novel coronavirus infections, particularly in those infected with the Delta variant.In November, the CENTERS for Disease Control and Prevention reported that approximately one in 80 pregnant women diagnosed with novel coronavirus in the United States had a stillbirth, compared with one in 155 for uninfected women.Because the study was done before the Omicron mutant strain emerged, it is not clear whether Omicron also increases the rate of stillbirths.The US authorities believe that vaccinating pregnant women can prevent stillbirths, as these cases are caused by novel coronavirus infections during pregnancy.(Ouyang Hong)