What wine do People in Hubei treat to drink?Baiyun edge is not the first choice, but these 4, than baiyun edge is good to drink

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It is absolutely too much to say that Baiyunbian represents Hubei wine.But from the sales of this aspect, Baiyunbian firmly in Hubei baijiu first;On the one hand, as a representative of the fragrance, it has the innate advantage of visibility.But why are other baijiu on the table in Hubei?The most acute problem is the flood of fake wine, because baiyunbian gimmick good marketing, “and the originator of the fragrance” name is widely known, the flavor is relatively novel, so it will be a bad business targeted.Baiyunbian, which sold 5 billion bottles last year, could sell even more if the counterfeit liquor problem can be eradicated.In fact, it is the “taste reason”. The reason why maotai-aroma, strong aroma and fresh fragrance are called the three main flavors is that the taste is more acceptable.It has the taste of soy sauce and strong aroma, but those who have never tasted it will not know it.But Baiyun is also actively fighting counterfeit liquor.Meanwhile, for the second question, although it cannot change the taste of its own characteristics, it can remind wine lovers of taste more intuitively.Baiyunbian is growing steadily, but hubei people prefer other local brands and wines from other places.For brands, local drinkers care more about cost performance and taste.Therefore, the sales volume and reputation of these 4 wines are very commendable in the local area. How many wines have you drunk?The rise and fall of Yellow Crane Tower wine is related to its own product innovation.In the 1980s, yellow Crane Tower low-alcohol liquor was a hit in the national market, especially favored by companies.The most important thing in business negotiation is negotiation. Drunkenness and slow awakening have become the primary criteria for wine selection.The Yellow Crane Tower, at 39 degrees Celsius, fills the gap in the market.And because of its excellent taste, this makes yellow Crane Tower wine on the ride of The Times.After the sales increased sharply, there was also a bright performance in the appraisal party. People said that there were “two yellow Crane towers” in Hubei province at that time.During the same period, the Yellow River was dubbed “representative of southern Fragrance” and “equalled” fenjiu, one of the eight famous wines.Later, because of the impact of liquor market by luzhou-fragrant wine, fragrance wine sales generally began to decline significantly, and their own products lack of explosive like 39 degrees Yellow Crane Tower, gradually become a local famous wine.But in Hubei, its rich deposits, and has a wealth of business experience, in Hubei wine is considered the top.”When is there a good wine, ask Zhijiang For it?” — Zhijiang Daqu Zhijiang Daqu is a favorite of many Hubei people, but now it is in danger of becoming Mired.Daqu used to be synonymous with good liquor, but with the popularity of the Internet, the “industry barrier” of baijiu has gradually become transparent, and many daqu liquor contains additives.Such as Gujing Daqu, Shuanggou Daqu, Mianzhu Daqu, Tuopai Daqu and so on.Early Zhijiang Daqu also contained sucralose (additive). With people’s attention to health consciousness, Zhijiang Daqu gradually declined. Although other products were launched later, it was a great regret that “life is just like the first sight”.This wine is brewed by Zeng Chuanzheng, a disciple of Li Xingfa, the former director of Maotai.When many foreign wines entered Hubei province, there was a lack of research on taste, but this wine quickly opened the market because of its mellow and very good taste. Some people even directly bought 1.38 million yuan of goods after tasting a bottle, hoarding appreciation.Here are the ingredients and brewing process: red cherry sorghum and low protein wheat.The brewing process implements the purest and most standard kunsha brewing process. All the processes have strict assessment standards, so the brewing cost of this wine is also high in kunsha wine.Unfortunately, in a market that focuses too much on celebrity publicity, this wine was “ruthlessly suppressed” because it did not want publicity, so it did not catch on, but it was quite amazing in taste.The entrance is pure and rich, complete five flavors;The middle part of the throat is smooth and smooth.After drinking a long time of pure maotai-incense in the mouth also jumping up and down, as long as the next smell of wine will drool!Yanghe is popular among hubei drinkers because of its popularity and unique taste.As a first-tier famous wine, Yanghe has a very mature brand structure, ranging from high-end to low-end, baijiu with different prices of 100 to 1000, ranging from grain wine to business wine yanghe.In addition to soft fragrance is many people forget the feelings.Faint scent wine is in luzhouxiang wine “invasion” when the market is at a loss what to do, because the wine strength of luzhouxiang wine is better than faint scent sufficient, drinking also more satisfying.However, the bottleneck of aroma is how to let the wine lovers who like soft fragrance adapt to the intensity of aroma.The cotton soft fragrant of yanghe conquered this difficult problem very well, the cotton soft of entrance can be accepted more, aftereffect is quite sufficient also.It’s a good idea to entertain guests or drink for yourself.All right!That’s what I share today. 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