Fact: the woman abandoned her husband and son for 11 years, now suffering from cancer, crying for her son to donate bone marrow, son: I don’t donate

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If a person in a life or death situation most likely to think of who?Then this person must be a relative.In November 2016, a woman’s plea came from a ward in a Beijing hospital.The woman said into the phone: “Save mom, if you don’t save me, even if you go to college and become a promising person, others will talk about.”However, the person receiving the video said: “Why should I save you?What right have you to let me save you?”Wang huifang said this to the woman’s son, who is now in high school.The mother sent the video to her son because she was diagnosed with leukemia and needed his bone marrow, otherwise she would die in a month.Maybe some people will think, why is this son so disobedient?You want to see your own mother die?But the truth is not that there is a reason why a woman’s son didn’t want to save his mother.The woman who is sending a video to her son is Wang Huifang, 42 years old.She was diagnosed with leukemia a year ago. After a year of chemotherapy, the disease was temporarily delayed, but eventually it was cured.Doctors told him that without a suitable bone marrow donor, she would die within three months.In wang Huifang’s life is about to end the crisis, Wang Huifang thought of his son, so there was the beginning of the scene.But when she heard her son reject her request in a firm tone, Wang’s heart cooled.At this time Wang Huifang very regret, regret that should not divorce, abandoned her husband and son a person alone to enjoy.Wang huifang’s diagnosis proved that Wang and her husband Chen Zhijian gave birth to their son Chen Bin in 2000.Chen Bin’s living conditions at home are good, but even so Chen Bin is not happy.Because his parents had been fighting for as long as he could remember.In 2005, Chen Bin, who had just celebrated his fifth birthday, was getting ready for bed when his parents quarreled in the living room because of a trivial matter. Chen bin was frightened and had to cover his head with a quilt.Outside, the sound of falling things and mother’s bellowing continued into the night.Chen Bin had an “unforgettable” 5th birthday.The Chen Bin family divorced because of their parents’ continuous quarrels.However, divorce seemed to throw off the shackles for Wang Huifang. In the face of custody and property inheritance, Wang Huifang chose to inherit property without hesitation.She told her husband, Chen Zhijian, If you want to get custody, you have to give up all your assets.Without hesitation, Chen Zhijian chose to give up all his property and returned to his mother with his son Chen Bin.Since his fifth birthday, Chen Bin has never seen his mother again, which makes Chen bin feel a little resentment towards her from the bottom of his heart.Although Chen Bin lost his mother, he gained a hard-working father who loved him.Although Chen Zhijian gave his property to Wang Huifang, in order not to let his son suffer, Chen Zhijian still went out to work with his own efforts to let his son live a happy life.No matter how busy he is, Chen zhijian spends half of his time with his son.For him, his house and car are nothing, and the losses are nothing compared to his son, Chen Bin.Chen Zhijian plays both the role of father and mother.Sometimes Chen zhijian would ask his son, Chen Bin, “Do you want a stepmother?”But every time Chen answered, “No”.Chen zhijian understood that perhaps the divorce had brought a big blow to his son.So that the son of the mother of the psychological distaste.Chen also respected his son’s ideas and never remarried.In this way, Chen zhijian spent 11 years with his son.One day, at the age of 16, Chen Bin received a video message from his mother asking for help.In the video, Wang Huifang was in a trance. She had a good appearance and now she has been tortured out of shape by the illness.So why is she the way she is?After Chen Zhijian and Chen Bin, let’s talk about Wang Huifang after divorce.Since wang Huifang divorced, as a result of Chen Zhijian’s entire family property, so, Wang Huifang’s life is very good.She not only has a 300-square-meter duplex in Hunan, but also a school district;In addition, Wang Huifang also has a large warehouse of several hundred square meters. Wang Huifang rents out the warehouse as a shop to earn rent.In addition, Wang Huifang has high requirements for her own living standards.The house specially set up a room to put their high heels, all kinds of famous brand bags, expensive clothes.Even though she was doing well, Wang never looked for her son and has not remarried since her divorce.This thought wang Huifang will and their own wealth safely through life, but, bad luck fell to Wang Huifang.One day in 2015, Wang Huifang suddenly felt dizzy while she was working outside. At first, Wang didn’t pay much attention to it and thought it was because she didn’t eat breakfast and had low blood sugar.After returning home, Wang Huifang felt dizzy and nauseous again, but she still did not care. She felt that she might not have a good rest and was too tired.As the days passed, Wang huifang’s dizziness and nausea became more severe.And Wang Huifang also appeared poor appetite, limbs have no strength, hair loss.And he often vomits blood when he brushes his teeth in the morning.Seeing her physical condition getting worse and worse, Wang Huifang dared not ignore the current situation and went to the hospital to see a doctor.Do not check do not know, a check let Wang Huifang surprised.The doctor to the diagnosis report pointed out that Wang Huifang got leukemia.Wang Huifang does not believe, feel his body is very healthy fundamentally impossible to get leukaemia, and there is no history of this kind of genetic disease in the home.Unconvinced Wang Huifang found a bigger hospital, but the results are the same.The doctor advised Wang to be hospitalized immediately, because her leukemia is acute leukemia, if delayed for a while, the consequences would be unimaginable.The sudden illness hit Wang Huifang both psychologically and physically.Doctors also said that without a proper bone marrow transplant, Wang could live no more than a year.At this point, Wang Huifang’s heart has been broken, she does not understand why god to give her such a joke.Not giving up, Wang began chemotherapy in hospital and a nationwide search for a bone marrow match.After receiving treatment in the hospital for a period of time, Wang huifang stabilized her condition temporarily.However, chemotherapy is not always a long-term solution. If a suitable bone marrow transplant cannot be found, Wang Huifang will eventually die.When Wang Huifang was suffering from chemotherapy in the hospital every day, the doctor brought a piece of good news: 13 people nationwide were willing to donate their bone marrow.Wang Huifang heard here, immediately lit the flame of hope.However, the flame was quickly extinguished. Unfortunately, Wang huifang’s bone marrow could not match those of the 13 people.Facing death alone, Wang Huifang erupts an amazing desire for life When people are facing death, they often erupt an amazing desire for life.Wang Huifang firmly believes he can live certainly, then she is in leukaemia friend group, hear a hospital has the specific medicine that treats leukaemia.Wang Huifang did not want to give up any chance of survival, so she came to a private hospital in Beijing.But after a period of treatment, Wang Huifang found that the treatment here is still chemotherapy, can only play a role in delaying the spread of the disease, and can not completely cure.And the cost here is much more expensive than the last hospital.At this time, hovering on the edge of despair, Wang Huifang thought of a person who might be able to save her life, that is, his abandoned son: Chen Bin.After Wang Huifang told her parents this idea, her parents finally found Chen Zhijian after several twists and turns.When Wang huifang’s parents met Chen zhijian, they cried, “I know it has been 11 years since you divorced my daughter, but she is dying now. She wants to see you one last time.”Chen Zhijian heard here very puzzled, hurriedly asked: “she how”?Wang Huifang’s parents told Chen Zhijian about Wang Huifang.Chen Zhijian learned about the situation and took his son to Beijing to visit Wang Huifang.When they met again after 11 years of divorce, there was no love between them, but Chen zhijian told Wang not to give up treatment.Wang Huifang, taking advantage of her son’s absence, whispered to Chen zhijian, “Chen Bin is my own son after all, and his bone marrow may match mine.”Hear here, Chen Zhibin probably understand the meaning of Wang Huifang.So he took his son Chen Bin to do the test, and the results came out, Chen Bin’s bone marrow can indeed match Wang Huifang.Wang Huifang at this time, the choice fell on Chen Bin hands.Chen Zhijian asks Chen Bin, “Are you willing to donate your bone marrow to save your mother?””I don’t want to,” Chen said firmly.Hearing his son say so, Chen Zhijian can understand, after all, Wang Huifang took the initiative to give up custody, Chen Bin abandoned for 11 years.Chen acquiesced to his son’s idea.After returning to the ward, Chen refused a bone marrow transplant on the pretext that his son was about to take the college entrance examination. He put down 20,000 yuan and returned to Hunan with his son.See hope in the eyes but left Wang Huifang, Wang Huifang’s heart is full of unwilling.But cannot force son to donate bone marrow to oneself again, then thought of a loss move.Wang huifang made every effort to find out the contact information of Chen Zhijian’s work unit and his son Chen Bin’s school.Accused Chen Zhijian and Chen Bin in the phone.It doesn’t matter if you don’t make this phone call. Chen Zhijian’s work unit and Chen Bin’s school informed Chen Zhijian and Chen Bin of this matter in the first time.At this time Chen Bin is in school, was suddenly taught director pulled out of the class, and asked Chen Bin why to let him die?As soon as Chen Bin heard here, he understood. Wang Huifang told the school that he did not donate bone marrow.Since the story spread around the school, Chen bin has been talked about as unfilial wherever he goes.Although Chen explained that his mother, Wang Huifang, divorced his father 11 years ago, no one would listen to him.After a while, Chen bin’s academic performance plummeted and all of his best friends left him.Wang Huifang’s parents Chen Zhijian here was also talking to the unit, the unit told him even if he had divorced, but also should go to help his ex-wife.Chen zhijian said that the children have grown up, before doing things also need to go through his consent.Under the influence of this incident, Chen Zhijian and Chen Bin’s lives have undergone great changes.In order to survive, Wang Huifang has lost her mind, even if Chen Zhijian and his son Chen Bin bear moral condemnation, as long as they can survive, for Wang Huifang, the other is not important.Wang Huifang at this time, Wang Huifang in Beijing recorded a video for her son Chen Bin, which is described at the beginning of the article.”Save mom, if you don’t save me, even if you go to college to become a promising person, will be said small words by others.After seeing the video, Chen bin immediately refused: “Why should I save you?What right have you to let me save you?”Chen Bin’s choice to hear his son Chen Bin’s answer, Wang Huifang was heartbroken, thought of 11 years ago away from his son, coupled with the recent troubles caused by his irrational behavior to his son, Wang Huifang is very remorse.As she lay in bed, Wang huifang could not help crying as she recalled the happy time she and her son had 11 years ago.I regret leaving the house.Wang Huifang picked up her cell phone and sent her son a lot of happy memories about that time. Chen Bin, his son, could not help but go back to his childhood when he saw his mother’s message.At that time, the family of three lived a very happy life. As those memories slowly came to mind, Chen Bin’s heart was also slowly changing.So he took courage and turned on the video with his mother.”Mom, I would like to donate bone marrow for you.” When Wang heard this, she was stunned for a second and then burst into tears.Although his son Chen Bin had agreed to donate bone marrow to Wang, Chen zhijian suggested that Wang come to Hunan for a bone marrow transplant as Chen bin was about to take the college entrance exam.This argument was immediately opposed by Wang’s parents, because Wang is currently very weak, if the transfer is highly likely to have an accident on the way.But Mr. Chen stuck to his guns and believed that hunan’s public hospitals were far more reliable than Wang’s private hospital.Chen Zhijian and Wang Huifang’s parents argue endlessly, seeing the day of the college entrance examination is getting closer and closer.Finally, after consultation, the two sides decided to have Chen bin’s bone marrow removed in a public hospital in Hunan province and then flown to Wang Huifang’s hospital for surgery.Wang Huifang’s mother’s surgery was very successful, the doctor said that although Wang Huifang may be cured with sequelae, but life is finally guaranteed down.As the saying goes, mother is kind and son is filial.Wang Huifang abandoned his son for 11 years, in the critical moment of his life just remembered his abandoned son.From beginning to end, the word “kindness” in Wang Huifang did not have any performance.Although Chen Bin hated his mother very much in his heart, he thought of his childhood and his mother still had a good memory, and finally decided to put down his resentment and save his mother’s life.”Filial piety” is the word Chen Bin shows incisively and vividly.Perhaps Chen bin chose to save his mother because he still wanted her to come back to him.