Fifth Personality: Illusions have the Chosen One?The same lucky draw, can be nearly a thousand dollars!

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Hello, everyone! This is the channel of Fun Youjun. I’m glad to share information about fifth personality with you!I believe that many players know that in the current manor players are most concerned about the illusion lost this new gameplay, because only through this lottery activity, we can get the false masterpiece of the fragrance division skin, the price of this skin is really not cheap.We have previously offered players three different purchase options, each calculated at around 3,000 yuan.If you’re a little unlucky, you’ll have to pay 3500 yuan to get the skin, and at first we didn’t think there would be too many players participating in the lottery.But soon we found ourselves wrong, this activity put the manor a lot of rich women and tuhao to blast out!They won the prize on the first day of the campaign!And then we found out that the illusion had the Chosen one?The same lucky draw, can be nearly a thousand dollars!So what’s going on?Let’s follow the fun to see it together.01 Most of them are more than 3000 yuan. We have been paying attention to this illusion, and have been collecting all kinds of lottery data, which can be regarded as some information.To be honest, after collecting it for a while, we found that it would take more than 3000 years to get the skin, and presumably the official calculation of the player’s krypton ratio is already made, so there will be no exceptions.We also told players that if they wanted to smoke this skin, they had to prepare enough resources, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to get hold of the perfumer’s false masterpiece.But then we met a player who really was the chosen one, and she only paid over 2,600 yuan for the skin.The player we’re talking about didn’t know him until a while ago, and we didn’t believe him when he told us he’d spent 2,600 yuan to get a fake masterpiece skin.As a result, the player went straight to the video of his raffle, in which he won the adventurer’s golden skin four times.This led him to decompose a large number of points and roll the dice with a high number of points. Finally, he solved the skin that many players wanted with only 2600 yuan of echo.And the most infuriating thing is that this player spent nearly 1000 yuan less than others, which is really very enviable.After the fake Masterpiece skin came out, some players began to complain about the problem of the skin, so the official began to increase the number of products.Officials promise additional rewards for any detective who earns the Mani Moshne dream skin by redeeming the “Blessing of the Nightingale” : Perfumers specialize in personality movements, dynamic avatars, picture frames, dynamic doodling and exclusive tagging.You don’t even have to go into battle to know if you have this skin!Summary: In short, this skin luck and bad luck players draw, the gap is still relatively large, so players want to draw, you can look for some of the European Emperor to help, maybe when the time comes you can get cheap skin!So how much do you think this skin is reasonable?Welcome to communicate with us!