On snowy days in the south, come to treasure Town for skiing, hot springs and grand Canyon scenery

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It’s a snowy day in the south. It’s amazing to ski, soak in hot springs and feel the grand Canyon.Sit in the largest mountain ski resort in East China, slide between the blue sky and snow, experience the pleasure of speed and enthusiasm, and comprehend the unique charm of nature.It is a charming hot spring town, with 200 jump into the hot spring pool soak half a day, disease prevention and treatment, eliminate fatigue, but also can maintain the skin, beauty;It is called “China’s natural oxygen bar”, continuous mountains and forests, clear blue lakes, the natural atmosphere will always stay around you, so that you can not resist the physical and mental relaxation,.Jiuzhaigou is rivaled by Taihuyuan, shennongjia Grand Canyon in western Zhejiang, and Lingyin is rivaled by Jiangnan Temple.It has all kinds of mountain delicacies. You don’t know much more, but you must have eaten walnuts from that mountain. You can eat them in a can with frankincense.It is the district-level city of Lin ‘an and Hangzhou. In the Southern Song Dynasty, Hangzhou used to take the name of “Lin ‘an” as the capital. The fate between them was combined at that time!Lin ‘an in winter, took off the graceful literature and art, has not lost to the scenery of the north, attracted urbanites to take refuge, around the stove to see snow, today, see younger sister, feel the snow heaven of southerners.01 not lost to Hokkaido winter games skiing to see ice “mountain green natural water show, clever infiltrate Lin ‘an” is a snow Lin ‘an unique, landscape lake scenery covered with the vast white snow, crystal clear ice and snow, is a quiet and beautiful ice and snow world.Daming Mountain daming Mountain is known as the “small Yellow Mountain in western Zhejiang”. In winter, the warm sunshine is full of Daming Mountain. Walking on the mountain, the thin sunlight penetrates through the leaves, and spots of light and shadow, which is so healing.Although there is a cable car, it is recommended to walk to the wonderland instead of going to the wonderland, as if you are walking in the depths of the clouds.The ski resort is located at wansongling, 1200 meters above sea level, which is the highest outdoor ski resort in Zhejiang Province. Surrounded by thousands of acres of virgin forest, slide down the ramp and experience the thrill and heartbeat of alpine skiing in a fast glide. All those who love snow can liberate themselves here.As a city with the largest number of intangible cultural heritage, Lin ‘an has been a fengshui treasure land surrounded by mountains and intersected by four rivers since ancient times.The most famous hot spring on the street is The Disorderly mouth zhong Anladen, no matter drink or take a bath is good for the body!Cold winter, quietly soak in here, away from the dust, enjoy the pure feeling!And there are a lot of amusement facilities, whether adults play badminton court, movie screening room, or children like the children’s park, there are game machines, please don’t be afraid of boring here.The ten-kilometer gorge is as steep as a poem. Although the temperature drops to below zero, it still retains the green mountains, which perfectly combines the beautiful mountains and water in the South of the Yangtze River with the frozen potential in the North.One of the famous Eighteen Dragon Pool waterfall, from more than 300 meters of cliff cliff cliff jumped down, forming the size of 18 profound stories, imposing momentum!In winter, in this peaceful realm, icicles, ice curtain, ice falls, etc., form an ice scene that can only be seen in the north. It is really wonderful.Dojangpyeong is a snowy field in the sky in winter. It is called “Frier Bell in the South”. It is really romantic to hike in the snow when it snows!Walking in the snow-covered fields, with ice in front of my eyes, I became cheerful.If you come here, please pay attention to the professional mountaineering equipment/West Zhejiang Tianchi/dare to call the “Tianchi” place, must be equal to the scenery!In the mountains, tianchi lake in western Zhejiang is like glass, clear and flawless, reflecting the coefficient of sky and mountains!If you’re lucky, you can see wild deer on the mountains, run and jump in a glittering world, and immerse yourself in a world of ice and snow!02 Falling into the clouds of the secret realm of the ancient village can not stand loneliness, only to keep the youth./ Guide village/guide village along the mountain and built around 100 acres of terraced fields, gentle place has a sense of paradise.Although the autumn guide village is the most beautiful secret in East China, BUT I think the winter guide village is more natural!Walking through the village, with its houses, cows and sheep, and overlapping maples, everything is so quiet and far away, and the whole person becomes gentle!The village is built along the mountain, with five rows of b&Bs arranged in a fan shape from the foot to the side of the mountain. The roof is paved with rock slabs, forming a unique “SLATE house”.Some people say that Jokawa village is a pearl left in the sea, as long as you click the window every morning, the first piece of sunshine from the sea will be warm in your hands.Winter morning, bluestone road, rock sheet, the whole old village seems to be immersed in the ancient silence, occasionally there is the sound of a rooster barking dog, put your idea back to reality!Heqiao town/” Amorous River Bridge, thousand-year-old town “!Town for business and set, for business and scattered, is China’s earliest immigrant town, famous gate is not much, but there are rich folk customs, is rich treasure of Lin ‘an!Compare Lin ‘an to the green jungle, heqiao ancient town is the oldest flower.Here, the ancient streets are the soul of the river bridge, and the Liuxi River is the swaying style of the river bridge!There are also ancient buildings in the late Qing Dynasty, slogans of the Anti-Japanese War, and slogans of the Cultural Revolution, which are the name cards of western Zhejiang culture, yes!In addition to the unique terrain and climate conditions in Lin ‘an, the fertile limestone mountains create the most suitable environment for the growth of walnuts!Walnuts in season are full of light, with the natural fragrance of nuts, roasted with secret condiments are crunchy and sweet, creamy aroma is creamy, can not stop!/ Tianmu sweet potato/Tianmu Mountain sweet potato everyone has heard of it.After boiling, I can see the golden sugar heart. The skin is as thin as paper, and I can peel it off by hand. With the creamy and delicate taste, I can eat a bag of sugar at once!Local people say: “Because I have eaten bamboo shoots, I know the taste of spring.” Compared with bamboo shoots in other places, the bamboo shoots in Lin ‘an are more crisp and tender in taste, with thick and delicate meat, no fiber sense, juicy and sweet, and any combination is the leading role!A plate of bamboo shoots is very fresh, delicious to eat, too delicious./ cable noodles/cable noodles after thousands of years, is the breakfast standard at the beginning of the first month every year, means health and longevity!The noodles are soft and elastic. They can be wrapped in the container of the grain basket just like a rope, which is not easy to break. Moreover, the noodles taste sticky and smooth, fresh and refreshing, which is the dense and long nostalgia of Linan Changhua.Such a treasure of Lin ‘an town, how do you think?Welcome everyone to experience the beauty of this town, maybe there will be more harvest!