@Taiyuan people!The development of indemnificatory rental housing can enjoy many supportive policies

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The city has introduced a series of supportive policies to ensure the implementation of the Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Affordable Rental Housing.In terms of land support policies, village collective economic organizations can construct and operate indemnification rental housing by self-construction, joint venture or equity, etc., and the right to use collective construction land for business construction of indemnification rental housing can be mortgaged-loan.Enterprises and institutions are encouraged to use the land with the right to use in accordance with the law to construct indemnification rental housing, and to change the use of the land and not to pay the land price.To support industrial parks to use land owned by themselves to build low-income rental housing;For new commercial housing projects, it is stipulated in the land transfer contract that no less than 4 percent of government-subsidized rental housing and no less than 1 percent of public rental housing shall be allocated according to the total floor area of the housing.In terms of taxes and financial support policies, affordable rental housing projects are exempted from urban infrastructure fees, and the operating service fees involved shall be halved at the lowest limit after obtaining the consent of relevant enterprises.For indemnificatory rental housing projects that use non-residential stock land and non-residential stock houses, the prices of water, electricity, gas and heating shall be in accordance with residents’ standards when they go through the application for installation after obtaining the written confirmation of indemnificatory rental housing projects.In terms of supporting financial policies, we will support banking financial institutions to issue financial bonds and raise funds for low-income rental housing loans.We will support enterprises in issuing corporate bonds, corporate bonds and debt financing instruments of non-financial enterprises for the construction and operation of low-income rental housing.If an enterprise has sustained and stable cash flow of affordable rental housing held and operated, it may use property mortgage as credit enhancement and issue housing rental guarantee bonds.In terms of simplifying the examination and approval process, the joint examination and approval system of affordable rental housing should be established to streamline the examination and approval items and links of affordable rental housing projects, establish a rapid examination and approval process, and improve the efficiency of project examination and approval.For projects that do not involve changes of land ownership, existing land use procedures and other materials can be used as land certification documents, and land use procedures will not be handled.In supporting public services, we will explore the right to buy and rent the same as those to rent, accelerate the improvement of supporting policies, and create new policies for employment and entrepreneurship services, travel benefits, social insurance, health and other basic public services stipulated by the state.In particular, education can be arranged for the children of eligible tenants to enroll nearby.Source: Taiyuan Daily reporter He Baoguo