Bigbang’s new song heralds disbanding?Still Life is full of hidden messages

2022-07-24 0 By

After four years of military service and withdrawal, Bigbang finally returned with a new song “Still Life”. Many V.I.P and netizens are excited about the idol’s comeback, but there are many discussions that Bigbang’s new work is more like a farewell letter to fans than a strong comeback.In addition, T.O.P, who announced earlier that they would not renew their contract with YG Entertainment, wrote a message of thanks to fans on the second day of the release of the new song, it seems that Bigbang is indeed back at the same time announced the dissolution of the company, which is inevitable a little sentimental.The replacement of spring, summer, autumn and winter Bigbang’s new song was put on the shelves at 0 o ‘clock on April 5. It has not been officially played and there have been over ten thousand fans waiting for it. It can be seen that they have the same appeal even if they have no new work for many have been waiting for 4 years to finally wait for this new song. The song “Still Life” is titled “Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter” in Korean. The music video echoes the theme, with 4 pieces representing the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.Everywhere “4” is not difficult to find in the MV of “4” screen and situations, such as the four seasons, four flower flower, implying that seem to be all the 4 four as one of the mood, but there wasn’t any 4 people with box appears in the MV, through spring, summer, autumn and winter, four people may have to temporarily go their separate ways, but as the song says “Still Life”,Life should go on, maybe parting is a new beginning.Say goodbye new song by gd G – Dragon with his words, together with the T.O.P and lyrics of it is not difficult to see their feelings, such as: “love young time to say goodbye to me, we have four seasons”, “final is accompanied by four people”, “the boy looked at the distant sky, well spent the past four seasons, goodbye”, also seems to be what they say goodbye to the mind.The day after the release of the new song, T.O.P, who had already announced that he would be leaving the company for independent development, also posted a letter of thanks to his fans for their support along the way, but also said that he was facing an important transition in his life, looking forward to a new image and concept of the day together with you.In the MV of rabbit Looking at Earth, T.O.P, wearing a cosmological suit and wearing a rabbit headgear, steps towards the bright earth, in line with the lyrics, “I will make more changes than before and become a better and better person.Meet the morning dew and bury the anger in my heart in the past forever. “This is also in line with what T.O.P said in his farewell letter, hoping to get together again as better people after meeting the turning point of life.4 chairs don’t interesting MV many objects with 4 pieces to bring out the theme, such as in one scene of four chairs is looking forward to four son reunion of artistic conception, but also appeared in some netizens found MV with G – Dragon full name “gd” director of the stool, therefore interpreted as “4 + 1”, think 4 child never forget group victory back in prison,Although 5 sons will never fit again, but the old brotherhood as if in the heart.Distinctive music style songs do not have the sense of lively momentum before, but with a light sad, plus especially say goodbye to the lyrics, many net friends listened to frankly complex mood, on the one hand happy idol’s return, on the other hand to borrow songs and youth say goodbye.”After waiting so long, I thought it would be a strong comeback song, but after listening to it, it feels more like a farewell song. My youth is really over……”Presaging dissolution?Bigbang, which debuted in 2006, is an important part of the boom in South Korea’s entertainment industry. However, with the members’ military service and negative news, especially their victory in prison, the legendary Group has become four members from five.Originally fans with 4 people group also OK, as long as the return of good mentality, but at the beginning of this year but also suddenly declared T.O.P independent development of the news, Bigbang fit seems to have become difficult to achieve the dream.Every song of Bigbang is the youth memory of V.I.P., but in any case, just as the title of the song is Still Life, 4 son also has to act towards his own dream and destiny. As a fan, I have to guard them silently and look forward to their new development.Also expect to see Bigbang once again as a group image on the stage of the moment!