Congratulations to Xu Changsuo!Shandong men’s basketball good news, 2 injured are recovered, the third stage or can appear

2022-07-24 0 By

Recently, Xia Xiaosi, a journalist from Shandong province, introduced the recent situation of Shandong High-speed men’s Basketball team in his social media. He shared some good news about the team with his fans.According to The introduction of Xia Xiaosi, shandong men’s basketball team has no injury situation, before the injury of Ding Yanyuhang and Jiao Hailong, have now returned to the team.In some pictures released by Shandong TV sports channel, it can be seen that The shandong men’s basketball team is currently preparing for the lineup, Ding Yanyuhang and Jiao Hailong are not absent, foreign aid Hudson and Gillenwalt are also in the team.Young players Duan And Ma Xinxin are with the team, but according to league regulations, Duan is not allowed to play for the team this season, so he can only train with the team now.Ding Yanyuhang and Jiao Hailong, who had been injured before, have now returned to the team, but it can also be seen from the picture, Ding Yanyuhang’s body has become fat, in order to meet the conditions of the appearance, he should carry out a certain weight loss.Jiao Hailong has been in the second stage of the team, but has not been able to play, the third stage, they have recovered, theoretically can also represent the team.Shandong men’s basketball coach Xu Changsuo also talked about the situation of the two men, he said that Jiao hailong and Ding Yanyuhang can now do normal training with the team, but if they want to represent the team, they still need to make adjustments later.Of course, the rehabilitation of two people now is undoubtedly good news, before, jiao Hailong injury makes the team inside the serious lack of people, his return to the team to help a lot.According to the schedule, the third stage of the CBA regular season will start on March 1, shandong men’s basketball team’s first opponent will be the defending champion Guangdong Hongyuan, the final stage, Shandong men’s basketball team still have 10 games, the impact of the playoffs, also entered the sprint stage.