Netizens self-made “ice dun dun” big inventory, painting style gradually run off, the last one are you serious

2022-07-25 0 By

Bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics, has won the hearts of Chinese and foreign audiences for its cute, tech-savvy image, and dolls made to match his image have quickly sold out, causing a phenomenon that is hard to find in China.In order to meet the desire of having a naive “Bing Dwen Dun”, many netizens began to crazy “whole life”, a variety of homemade “Bing Dwen dun” dazzling on the Internet for a time, let the netizens look after the surprise, the last few are even more jaw-dropping.Above is a netizen made of clay bing Dwen Dwen doll, although can not move, but still lovely, especially in the palm of the small red meat pad, looks QQ bounce, let people see can not help but want to touch a.When the ice mound mound and fruit passion collision occurs, the result is above the strange friend, spell out two orange ice mound mound, although look rugged, but eyes clever, is nifty and lovely, also very attractive, it is a pity, fruit cannot keep, the “ice mound mound” if you don’t hurry up to finish eating, I’m afraid to fail.The most successful food production of ice dun dun, must be the above “ice Dun dun dumpling”, a spoonful of an ice dun dun, in this pier difficult to find at the moment, is simply the most happy thing?These netizens ingenuity, make ice mound mound, though not as cute as the original, but it is also interesting, but to show you the next ice mound mound, are “the ugly of” two characters do perfect, although has the characteristics of ice mound mound, but can’t connect the two together, everybody below please appreciate those strange mound mound “.This netizen made this lollipop using the same method as a tanghulu, but are those deep eyes and big jaws serious?But in fact, it’s the least irritating, and then…Dude, are you really Bing Dwen Dwen?Is it a totoro, or is it eating too well during Spring Festival and out of shape?I have to say the feet are hilarious, the facial expression is amazing, and this one…This man turned a cute panda into a sloth by wrapping it in plastic wrap. Bing Dwen Dwen has nothing to do with this image. I have to give him credit for his good idea, but the outcome was quite unexpected.This……Dude, who are you?Is this ice Dwen Dwen that’s been mutated by radiation?This where still like bing Dwen dwen, is clearly poisoned Pleasant Sheep sheep, have become this appearance, but also forced smile, is really difficult for you.Finally, it was the champion’s turn to appear, this is the network of all “ice dun dun”, the most ridiculous one…Dude, I can see you tried your best to impress your wife. Please don’t do it again…Which homemade ice cream do you like the most?