Sun’s mother posted sun Hui’s naughty picture, climbing dad’s Audi car to play, captioned for three days without hitting the roof uncovered tile

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Sun Haiyang in the son sun Zhuo, the couple every time when they appear, basically are happy.After all, there is no need to go out to look for children in the future. You just need to focus on making money to support your family and provide better material life for your children.Before, Sun Zhuo also said that he just returned to his biological parents, must not adapt to it, that is a lie, but now Sun Zhuo has been around Sun Haiyang couple for some time, I believe that Sun Zhuo is also slowly adapt to the environment of the original family.On February 6, Sun’s mother posted a picture of her youngest son, Sun Hui, getting into his father’s Audi and playing while his sisters and brothers looked on.Of course, Sun’s mother was recording the video, and told Sun Hui to be careful, if in most families, see the child directly climb on the car, it will be doomed to hurt the child.In addition to the fear of audi car, Sun Hui also performed a wall climbing, it seems that Sun Hui is really at home can not stop!Sun’s mother told sun Hui to be careful not to climb too high and fall down easily.It is still winter, most people are still wearing cotton-padded jacket, and Sun Hui basically only wear a sweater, should be often moving words are not cold!In the sun out of the naughty son Sun Hui screen, Sun mother is also three days do not hit the roof uncovered tile, see Sun Hui naughty appearance, many users feel super like to see such a screen.Now that Sun Zhuo has been found, sun Haiyang’s family is destined to be super happy in the future. The eldest daughter Sun Yue has also decided to stay in China and work, saying that she will enter the education industry, and Sun Yue is destined to become a very good teacher in the future.Sun Haiyang in the education of children, or have their own ability, can cultivate the three children so excellent, is destined to be unusual.As for those who say let Sun Zhuo thank the buyer, save it!If not the existence of the buyer, Sun Haiyang couple will not be so painful for so many years!Sun Haiyang, he had been looking for the leader of the parents, now their children found, Sun Haiyang also did not put down the child parents together before, still in their own way to help everyone find children together!Originally, hai-yang sun is a business of their own costs, plus live is so hot, and a hai-yang sun heat high don’t retreat, at this time, actually everybody is hope hai-yang sun a material base, can have a better life over the better, it can better ensure the material for the three children.Soon the children will also be back to school, I believe that this time Sun Haiyang back home should be not stay enough, sun Haiyang also need not worry about returning home was asked sun Zhuo thing!