A Hungarian brother who can speak Northeastern Chinese on the Winter Olympics: Training in China helped a lot

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China News Network Beijing, February 4Short track speed skating has always been the focus of Chinese people, as the Chinese sports delegation has won the most gold MEDALS at all previous Winter Olympics.It is not often that the two brothers compete together in short track speed skating, which is often decided by a razor’s edge.Chinese brothers Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaang are Hungarian short track speed skaters.Their father is Chinese and their mother is Hungarian.In the men’s 5,000m short-track speed skating relay final at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the brothers helped Hungary win its first Olympic gold medal.Recently, The “Dialogue” column of China-Singapore Sports invited Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoyang to have a dialogue.During the interview, Liu shaolin and Liu Shaoyang switch smoothly between English and Chinese with strong northeast Chinese accent.They believe that training in China has helped them a lot, and being half Chinese makes it special for them to be in Beijing. They hope Hungary can defend their 5,000m relay title and also try to win MEDALS in individual events.Photo source: screenshot from liu Shaolin’s weibo video.Liu had previously tested positive for COVID-19 but had no obvious symptoms.On February 2, Liu shaolin posted a video on social media showing That Liu Had arrived in Beijing.The two brothers are making a final sprint to prepare.Wu Xinru: When you first started skating, were you two brothers together?What is the most impressive match so far?Liu Shaoang: We started skating together.Because we are brothers, we do a lot of things together.Having a brother like Shaolin by my side to support me is a great thing.We have fond memories of growing up as skaters.Liu: Pyeongchang is very important for us. We won our first Olympic gold medal there.Hungary is not really a winter sports powerhouse, and its results have been poor.We won the first gold medal in the history of the Olympic Winter Games in Hungary. It was a breakthrough and of special significance for the country.The next goal is the Beijing Winter Olympics, we will try to gain experience.Winning each medal is a memorable moment and the memories are very special.Liu Shaoang: We will enjoy the Games in Beijing because there are many Chinese audiences who love us.Hopefully they will support us as much as they support the Chinese players and we will do our best.File photo: Liu Shaolin of Hungary wins the gold medal (center), Wu Dajing wins the silver medal (left) and Liu Shaang of Hungary wins the bronze medal.Wu Xinru: You’ve known Chinese players for a long time, including Wu Dajing and Han Tianyu. What’s your impression of them?How do you get along with top players from Korea and other European countries?Liu Shaolin: we trained in China when we were young. We know Wu Dajing, Han Tianyu and the current Chinese team members.We almost grew up together and we were good friends.Before the Short track Speed skating World Cup in Hungary, the Chinese team came to the venue in advance, we also trained together.This is the charm of sports, on the field are opponents, off the field are friends.File photo: Hungarian athletes jump onto the podium.During the competition, everyone will focus on preparation.During the off-season, we contact European players and go out with them.If you go to Asia or America, you contact other players and ask them about their local characteristics.When we come to China, we are familiar with some scenic spots and will contact friends to visit them.Liu Shaoang: I actually have a lot of friends who don’t skate anymore, but we still contact each time we go to Beijing or Shanghai.If we have time before the game, we love to catch up with our friends in China.When conditions permit, we will also train with Chinese players.Wu Xinru: The Beijing Winter Olympics is approaching. What is your current status and what are your goals?What is the world of short track speed skating today?Liu shaolin: The training is going very well now. We are actively preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics and trying to do our best.Beijing Winter Olympics, hope Hungary team can defend the glory of the 5,000m relay, realize the title;We will also try to win MEDALS in individual events.In the short distance of 500 meters, Wu Dajing is undoubtedly the strongest opponent.It will be a great match for all of us if we can compete together.For long distance events, The Korean athletes are very competitive, and The Chinese athletes Ren Ziwei and An Kai are also quite strong.Hopefully we can give them a threat and put on a good show.Liu Shaoang: We have received good training in the past and are looking forward to the Beijing Winter Olympics.In fact, in the 2000 meters mixed relay and men’s 5,000 meters relay, the rival strength is also very strong.So when we go out on the track, we have to do our best.Wu Xinru: The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has affected athletes’ preparation and participation. Therefore, the Beijing Winter Olympics will be closed loop management.As an athlete, do you feel like you want more?Liu: We love to feel the Olympic atmosphere in the Olympic Village and also enjoy making friends and hanging out with the other athletes during the games.We had hoped to have family members at the game this time, but because of the pandemic, we had to follow the closed-loop rules.Two years into the outbreak, we have learned to live with it.Liu Shaoang: The Short track Speed Skating World Cup (a test event for the Beijing Winter Olympics) was held in Beijing. We experienced the conditions of the event and the closed loop system was very good.The staff inside the closed loop are dedicated and will continue to be so during the Winter Olympics.Chinese culture is not far away Wu Xinru: For winter athletes, the Winter Olympics is the highest temple.As a Chinese athlete, what difference does it make to you to participate in the Winter Olympics in Beijing?Liu shaolin: This competition is special to us because Chinese culture is not far away from us.My grandparents are Chinese. They live in Hungary.Every time we go to their home for Chinese New Year, grandma will cook Chinese food for us, we also communicate in Chinese, they will give us red envelopes.During the Winter Olympics, the family will be watching our games all the time, and it will be an unforgettable experience.In the meantime, we’re still getting experience.I was in Sochi and Pyeongchang, and Shao Ang was in Pyeongchang.Beijing Winter Olympics hope we can learn and gain more experience.Liu Shaoang: In Hungary, every time someone in my family had a birthday, we would go to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate it, and we still keep the tradition.The Beijing Olympics will be very special. We have been training for it for four years and we are ready now.The biggest success so far is being able to train in China. Wu Xinru: How do you feel about training in China and Hungary?What are their advantages in training atmosphere and training environment?Liu Shaoang: We trained in Changchun for one and a half years, when China’s training system was nearly 10 years ahead of Hungary’s.In Hungary we train two or three times a week.In China, there are more training opportunities, twice a day.Liu: Our biggest success so far is being able to train in China.China has a longer skating culture and history than Hungary, and it helps us a lot to learn basic knowledge, accumulate experience and improve basic skills here.Wu Xinru: China wants to “bring 300 million people to participate in ice sports” through the Winter Olympics.From the perspective of world-class skaters, what advice do you have for Chinese friends who love skating, especially young beginners?Liu shaolin: When we first started skating, we just wanted to play on the ice rink.So I hope you can stick to what you love to do, that’s the most important thing.In addition, infrastructure plays an important role in promoting snow and ice development.Hungary, for example, has only 10 million people and doesn’t have a lot of experience in building sites.In this regard, China has the capacity to provide a lot of support to its people.Liu Shaoang: If you are already participating in ice sports and want to become healthier and more positive, you don’t have to push yourself too hard, just do what makes you happy.Wu Xinru: Short track speed skating has a relatively deep public base in China, and many people have been following your competition.How do you feel about their support?Liu Shaoang: Every time we go to China, we always get a lot.Our fans send us exquisite homemade gifts, such as our photos, cards and so on.Liu Shaolin: As Shao Ang said, we have received gifts of special significance.The audience cares about us. Last time I got face cream and hand cream.We love going to China and love that our audience will come to the games.Even though we were representing Hungary, the crowd cheered us because we were half Chinese and we were very grateful for their support.Liu shaolin: We would like to wish our fans in China a happy New Year and wish the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics a smooth completion.Liu Shaoang: I hope our Chinese fans will keep watching us and cheer us on in Beijing 2022.(after)