Dry eyes hurt eyesight!How does the eye do again dry itch?

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Brush wechat, online shopping, air conditioning……Do your eyes get dry?Are your eyes healthy?Do your eyes often feel dry or strange?Is it easy to tired, itchy eyes, afraid of wind, photophobia, very sensitive to external stimulation?Dry eye disease has become a common disease in contemporary society.Employee Chen, recently always feel dry eyes, itching and tired.Listen to the unit “elder” experience, she bought a bottle of drop is said to be ok “eliminate fatigue” eyedrop, the eye after dropping becomes relaxed and comfortable immediately as expected.Chen was so blessed that she dripped it more than a dozen times a day.But gradually she found that she was becoming more and more dependent on eye drops. After a while, the symptoms of dry eyes became more serious and the frequency of drops gradually became more and more dense…Eventually Chen or decided to go to the hospital, the doctor after examination found Chen’s cornea has appeared damage, the diagnosis is not eye fatigue so simple, but suffered from “dry eye disease”!Do not despise dry eyes, it is not only dry eyes, if not paid attention to, early intervention, long-term insufficient tears can lead to keratosis of the corneal epithelium, serious, will cause eye surface inflammation leading to corneal ulcers, severe dry eyes even lead to blindness.What is dry eye disease?Dry eye disease is also known as angular conjunctiva xerosis, it refers to the reduction of tears caused by any reason, tear quality or dynamic abnormalities, resulting in unstable tear film and eye surface damage, causing eye discomfort disease.If there is dry eye, itching, foreign body sensation, visual fatigue, blurred vision, photophobia, burning pain and other symptoms can not be relieved after rest is likely to suffer from dry eye disease, need to go to the dry eye clinic of a professional hospital to check.Eye doctors remind: dry eye is not just caused by temporary fatigue, it needs treatment, severe dry eye can lead to visual impairment.Some eye drops contain preservatives or vasoconstrictor, long time use but cause conjunctival, corneal lesions, vision decline, dry eye symptoms aggravated.Song Xiujun, chief physician, professor, doctoral supervisor, post-doctor in the United States, middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions in Hebei Province, enjoys the Special allowance of The State Council.Love’s eye hospital group in hebei province, deputy director of shijiazhuang ophthalmic hospital managing the blindness of the Chinese academy of ophthalmology, vice President of the group members ophthalmologist in hebei province association committee, deputy director of the national committee of blindness technical steering group members of blindness in hebei province leader in hebei province disabled person association, vice President of license in 1989 the world health organization (who) scholarship in 1990-1993 in the United StatesUniversity of Houston.Postdoctoral fellow in Ophthalmology, Baylor College of Medicine, 2000-2002.Engaged in ophthalmology for more than 40 years, published 152 papers, 16 of which were included in SCI;He is the chief editor of 3 books and co-editor of 10 books.It has won 11 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards and 14 municipal science and technology achievement awards.