Fuzhou: Frugal and civilized dining sharing “new food fashion”

2022-07-27 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday, restaurants and restaurants are doing brisk business. Many people go out of their homes to enjoy delicious food with their relatives and friends.3, the reporter found in the interview, most of the citizens in the process of eating frugality, civilized concept, frugal dining, civilized dining has become a trend.3 noon, the reporter visited baihuting Wanda Plaza.On the second floor of the business district, the steaming hot pot attracts many citizens. Most of the diners take their food in proper amount and take home the dishes they can’t finish.”Order moderately according to the amount of food you eat, and don’t pack until you’re done.Civilized dining table, actually very simple.”Mr. Ma, who took his family out to dinner, said that now go out to dinner, rarely waste phenomenon.The strong publicity atmosphere has laid the foundation for civilized dining table action.Reporters found in the mall, many restaurants are posted in a striking position “civilized dining” “public chopsticks public spoon” and other tips.Businesses also actively guide consumers to order meals on demand and eliminate table waste.Civilized dining, has become the Spring Festival holiday people out dinner “new food fashion.”Source: Fuzhou Daily Editor: Qiang Jining Reproached: Lin Zhenzhen