Haixi, Qinghai Province, has continued to carry out a special campaign to improve the quality and safety of drugs and medical devices used in medical institutions

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The Chinese quality network In order to further standardize medical institutions use YaoXie, address the use of drugs and medical institutions of problems existing in the safety of medical equipment, improve the medical institutions to use medicines and medical equipment management mechanism of each link, to ensure the security of the public with pharmaceutical machinery, qinghai province, market supervision bureau organization market regulators around the coalition’s procuratorate,Combined with the actual situation of the jurisdiction, the special rectification of the quality and safety of drugs and medical devices used in medical institutions will be carried out with emphasis on key links and key positions.In the process of drug use, according to the “Drug Administration Law” and “Measures for drug supervision and Administration in Medical Institutions” (trial), the focus of medical institutions to set up pharmacies, drug purchase, drug storage and other contents of the inspection;In the process of the use of special drugs, according to the Regulations on the Administration of Anesthetic drugs and Psychotropic Drugs, the medical institutions that use anesthetic drugs and the first class psychotropic drugs in the whole prefecture will be inspected in terms of personnel, procurement and storage facilities.In the use of medical devices, according to the Regulations on the Supervision and Management of Medical Devices and the Measures for the Quality Supervision and Management of the Use of Medical devices, the registration certificate, filing certificate, qualification certificate and the implementation of the quality management system for the use of medical devices in medical institutions are mainly inspected.Since this year, the state environmental enforcement personnel 52 m, check medical institutions, 32 times for individual use of the drug store display non-standard medical institutions, nearly effective drug report registration is not timely, establish YaoXie problem such as quality management system is imperfect, has asked the related units rectification immediately, and issued the rectification notice 3 copies,2 copies of Written Decision of On-the-spot Administrative Penalty.(Contributed by: Qinghai Market Supervision Bureau)