Today, remember to do these 2 things, give your body a thorough cleaning, bowel clean face

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Today is the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month, the Little New Year in the South.Happy Off-year!Today is also dust day.On the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month, dusts and sweeps the house.House dust is easy to clean, as far as the eye can see, look up and down, are visible to the naked eye.But the garbage in the body can not be seen at a glance, and the body is deeply disturbed by it.Clean up the spacious outer house, and don’t forget the physical house where the spirit resides.Clean it up, so that all mind and stomach will become calm and light!01 the vast “huge crowd”, the most should be swept away where?The body has several ways to get rid of waste: breathing, sweating, urination, and defecation.The important thing is the frequency of breathing and exhalation, which can be adjusted at any time, but air quality cannot be improved by one’s own efforts.Sweating, winter collection, this time sweating, not appropriate.Urine, the right amount of water, healthy kidneys, you don’t need to worry too much about this, can do little, let the body take care of it.Instead, this poop has become a big problem for modern people.Diarrhea or constipation. Not many people can take a good shit.Plus now material wealth, happy to eat a meal to celebrate, sad, eat a meal to comfort themselves.Chinese New Year parties are eating everything.I’m back at work. I’m stressed. I need a meal.Over time, there’s a residue of unpleasant poop in your stomach, and as it accumulates, your gut needs scrubbing.Stop!Does this mean “stay and poop”?There is a point of view that there is no “hangover stool” in medicine.Yeah, but you can feel if it’s in your tummy, if it’s not in your book, if it’s in your tummy, why would you keep it?How do YOU know if THERE’s poop in my tummy that needs cleaning?In both cases, the bowel needs more cleaning.It doesn’t matter if you’re constipated.1, one is that every time you always feel laborious, pull not clean, wipe ass paper will have a lot of relics.Poop also smells big.2. Another kind of hard lump can be felt in the left intestine, which is indicated in blue in the picture. It is the descending colon in the large intestine.When lying on your back, press down with your hand and you can feel the lumps, which are probably the feces lining up in your intestines. Under normal circumstances, the lumps will soften after defecating.But if it’s hard to the touch for a long time, consider strengthening your bowel movement.When your gut isn’t clean, it’s a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, your face won’t be as clean, and you’ll have these problems: 02 Time to do something about your gut!There is a saying in Taoism: “If you want to live forever, the intestine is always clean; if you want to die, there is no excrement in the intestine.”Clear bowel and urinate.This year’s great body cleaning, from the intestinal do it!Come on!The trick is not many, but useful.A move, a move to eat.A one-two punch to help clear the bowels is very effective.① : Eat here recommended red date black fungus soup.These two kinds of food materials are too common, every family has, combined, boil into a thick soup, is very good to help defecate sugar water, baby can also use.Jujube, nourishing qi and blood, spleen and stomach.There are many benefits of black fungus. Here, it is mainly focused on the strong adsorption capacity of the plant glia contained in it, which can lubricate and clean the intestine.Red dates and black agaric soup: 1. Prepare about 10 medium red dates and 1-2 times the amount of black agaric soaked.2. Break the dates, bring them to a boil and simmer them over low heat until the soup becomes thick.Add sugar or not depending on personal habits, if you like sweet can put a little brown sugar.(WHEN I cook it, I simmer it for 30 minutes, which makes it less sticky when it’s hot, but when it’s warm, it thickens slowly.) Some people use a beater to break two things and boil them. When they want to drink it, they grab a handful and boil it with water, which can be shorter and more convenient.But powder soup, easy to stick to the pot, in the process must be more stir.Drink a bowl every day on an empty stomach, and if a constipated person wants to drink a little more, there will be good news that day.② Push the hand out of the stool, of course, to rely on the hand to push.How to push?Qi huoxue, push and knead more energy and deeper.Abdominal push is very simple, the middle of the hands three fingers connected, from the heart fossa abdominal line pushed down, straight to the pubic symphysis, a total of 21 times.If you feel tiny lumps, nodules, air masses, pain spots…Remember to focus on massaging these areas.With the four fingers outside the thumb, a little force to rub, can lead the deep toxin to the superficial surface, the block point rub open, scattered.The strength should be flexible, not too big, so as not to hurt the internal organs.When kneading, if there are blue and purple petechiae, do not be afraid, those are old bruises were turned out, and will no longer block the meridians.And listen to gastrointestinal chirping, hiccup fart is more common, smooth and comfortable.Slowly your hands get sharper and sharper, and the bottoms of your feet get warm and moist.Near the tianshu point on both sides of the navel often appear blocking points can suddenly push the belly meat deeper down at least two centimeters, but also do not feel much pain, imperceptibly, stimulate the deeper blocking point.You can use both methods together, or you can choose one of them.Adhere to a period of time, the body will become light and bright, from the inside out, fresh bloom!Pay attention to your health troubles, care about your diet and daily life, pay attention to living methods, every day a fresh health dry goods to you, we pursue a better life and health regimen.Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!