China takes decisive action!The first fine for the year of the Tiger goes to Lithuania, prompting howls of grief in the country

2022-07-28 0 By

Lithuania, a small country with a population of just a few million, has been enjoying a lot of success recently, notably when China downgraded its diplomatic relations after it violated the “One-china principle”.Recently, it was reported that Lithuania was still unrepentant after being downgraded by China, and continued to spread rumors and slander. The Chinese government quickly retaliated, and the first fine for the Year of the Tiger was sent to Lithuania.Lithuania unrepentant?On February 10, local time, according to, foreign Minister Landsberges made a rumor in a speech in Australia that “China is a destroyer of the international order”, and countries around the world should unite to resist its “human rights violations”.Landsberges further stressed that resistance may come at a cost, it may cost a lot of money, but we have to do it.”Lithuania will take the lead and we will not back down on the issue of establishing a representative office in Taiwan,” he added.It is clear that Lithuania has done something improper to China again.The Chinese government was quick to speak out., domestic media reported on February 10, the press conference, the foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian put in Australia’s foreign minister said the speech, said Lithuania should do, is to face up to the objective facts and correct their own mistakes, to insist on a right track in China, rather than confuse right and wrong, malicious speculation, nor joint anti-china gradually drew in other countries.It is worth noting that, in addition to the rhetorical statement, China has also imposed its first fine on Lithuania for the year of the Tiger.According to the list of meat products from countries or regions that meet the requirements of the evaluation and examination released by the General Administration of Customs, China has suspended the import declaration of Lithuanian beef that started from February 9 (including February 9), overseas website reported.According to 15 Minutes, an independent media outlet, relevant Lithuanian agencies have received China’s declaration.Krekenavos Agrofirma, the only Lithuanian company that exports frozen beef to China, said, “It’s really a pity because it took us eight years to officially obtain the license to export frozen beef to China in September 2019.””The future potential of the Chinese market is immeasurable and it is not at all possible for Taiwan to replace the mainland,” he added.Obviously, China’s first fine for Lithuania in the year of the Tiger was greeted with a cry from established businesses.In fact, objectively speaking, the current situation of Li Enterprises is a reasonable event, because li government is willfully touching the Red line of China.In view of this, I would like to tell you one thing: if you want to recover the huge economic losses, please urge your government to mend its ways, sincerely admit to China and show real sincerity.For some information, refer to global Times