Create a new weapon!CNPC’s own technology has broken the bottleneck in the production of “high-end materials” for polyolefin

2022-07-28 0 By

On March 28th, Petrochemical Research Institute, Daqing Petrochemical Company and East China Chemical Sales Company jointly developed the polyolefin “high-end material” — 19G special resin for low density polyethylene (LDPE), and broke through the restricted area of strict operating conditions of high-pressure devices, and innovatively achieved successful mass production in tubular process high-pressure LDPE devices.The sales volume of the new product will exceed 10,000 tons in 2021, with the highest economic benefit exceeding 3,000 yuan/ton. It has become a new powerful tool for the polyolefin business of CNPC.Coated low density polyethylene special materials are widely used in food, chemical, textile and other products packaging, market demand is increasing.Such products are mainly produced by autoclave process, while CNPC’s high-pressure low-density POLYETHYLENE plant is tubular process, which is mostly used to produce general materials. It is difficult to adjust the process and the adjustment range is narrow, which cannot meet the development of high-end new products. It is urgent to achieve quality and efficiency improvement through independent technological innovation.The courtyard of low density polyethylene r&d team works closely with daqing petrochemical, east China chemical industry sales, production research sales integration innovation team, relying on daqing petrochemical two sets of high pressure low density polyethylene unit cohesion, and innovative device correction parameter system is established, improved product core index control ability, constructs the optimization control integration platform,The industrialization bottleneck of tubular production under high temperature and high pressure was broken through.This independent technology helps CNPC to take the lead in realizing the smooth production of special resin for high melt strength coating grade in tubular high-pressure POLYETHYLENE unit in China, and improves oligomer volatilization during processing.The 19G coating grade special resin independently developed by CNPC has the advantages of good toughness, strong adhesion, uniform film formation and good hygiene. It is well received in the market and its sales volume is increasing. In 2021, the cumulative production is more than 12,000 tons and the effect is more than 34 million yuan.Supporting independent production technology can be further popularized and applied in domestic high-pressure POLYETHYLENE production units, help refining and chemical enterprises to adjust product structure, increase production of high-end special materials, broad application prospects.Disclaimer: The content of this article is from the Internet, wechat public number and other public channels, we hold a neutral attitude towards the views of this article, this article is for reference only, exchange.Reprinted manuscript copyright belongs to the original author and institutions, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete.